This little cheeky monster went out for breakfast and preschool viewing with us this morning.


Romper: Primark
Shoes: My little lamb
Chunli hair: Model's own

Love this picture of her running towards Daddy, who was taking photos of her.

Hello, the by-election is happening in Bukit Batok, not our constituency.

"Oh really, Mommy? I didn't know that."

She deliberately went off track when she saw Daddy taking pictures.

And out of the frame.

Somehow doing a Chinese dance while at it. 凤阳花鼓?! Lol.

Wefie with Daddy.
See how she expertly puts her hand on Daddy's chest? 😍

And then I carried her because we were about to step onto the running track, and there was no more shade.

But someone wanted to continue walking and didn't want to look at the camera.

"Yep I can do whatever pose you want me to, but I'm still not going to look at the camera."

"Oh a famfie? Ok I'll smile a bit."

Back to regular Saturday programming. 😁

Last night, she was either too excited by the prospect of going to swim today (we said to her, "let's go swimming!") or the fact that she was sleeping with us in our bed, or both, it took her nearly an hour to fall asleep.

She was thrashing around in bed and talking lots of gibberish. I asked her if she wanted to go back to her own room to sleep, she said no. I asked her to please lie down properly and close her eyes, but she did it for all of three seconds before wiggling around again.

In the midst of her violent moves, she bumped her head into mine and of course, only I felt the pain.

I raised my voice and said very sternly to her, "Clarissa!"

She got a shock and immediately lied down on her tummy, head on the pillow, and froze. 😂

She looked like she was sleeping but of course she wasn't. I wanted to laugh but did not. I watched her start to move and wiggle around again after just 15 seconds.

It took 2 more rounds of stern name-calling like this before she finally quietened down and fell asleep.

She stirred a little at 4am but went back to sleep until 715am.

Ok back to swimming and one more #mamarazzi shot.

Today the teacher made them "swim" under water on their own before catching them. She held a hoop for the kids to swim through and into her arms.

Very short distance, but this is the first time the hubs has to completely let go of her for that few seconds.

The teacher said Clarissa is good and that in fact she knows how to breathe under water.

She's also able to get into the water on her own, with the hubs in front of her to catch her.

But she refused to drop the toys and refused to climb up onto the ledge on her own. 😂

After her swim we went to a coffee shop for a late lunch.

No baby chair so I let her sit on the regular chair.

I tried my best to wipe the chair, table, her hands, my hands etc but made the mistake of telling her not to touch the chair.

Because, why cannot.

Of course she touched the chair. Not only the one she was sitting on, but also the ones around her. Not just touch; she also tried to pull all the chairs towards herself.

For the record this picture was taken after I wiped her hands for the second time and let her eat some puffs.

I'm not extremely particular about cleanliness but I usually try to clean the chairs and tables and her hands, just to be safe.

But the chairs at the coffee shop were impossible to clean and our dear little boss was trying to test my patience.

In the end I won, because the hubs finished his food very quickly and took her to the supermarket. 😂

It's interesting, how kids really learn to say no, way before they say yes.

Clarissa can now say different variations of "No".

She says "No!", "不要! " (Don't want) and "没有!" (Don't have).. which all means, to varying extents, NO. 😂

Snuck out for dinner with the lovely ladies from my previous business unit.

It is to celebrate the promotion of one of the ladies. Promotions don't happen very often in my company and this is a Band 3 to Band 4 promotion, a very well deserved one.

So happy for her and so grateful for them. 😊

Rushed home to see little boss (she was napping when I left for dinner) and tuck her in bed.

And now out for supper and movie with the hubs, who "only" had instant noodles for dinner. 😅

Action packed day ending with an action packed movie.

Some Iron Man Captain America thing. 😅

Hope it's good!

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