Me time lunch time.

Clarissa was hilarious this morning.

When I stepped out of my room, I saw her standing at the door of her room, keeping a deliberate distance with our helper who was sitting on the floor near the bed.

It turned out that she was trying to poop but didn't want to stand next to our helper.

She saw me and pointed at her diaper, her usual way of telling me she wants to poop.

She then made me squat down beside her, held on to my hand and squeezed, erm both my hand and her poop out.

She was successful in her attempt but she wasn't done yet.

Beads of perspiration were streaming down her face. I asked our helper to pass me a towel to wipe off her sweat but she rejected it and asked our helper to take the towel back.

She then did a half squat and squeezed again. I offered my hand to let her hold on to but she pushed it away.

Instead she put my two hands together and got me to hold my own hands while she separately clenched her hands together, and did another half squat.

Her tummy visibly shrunk while her diaper expanded. 😂

But for some reason she didn't want to be cleaned up. She would usually walk to the changing mat on her own.

I guess it was because she didn't want me to walk away while she was getting changed. 😂

Anyway hope you've enjoyed the #poopstory. #assholeparent

I'm so amused by her.

I think she's ready for toilet training because for the past two months or so, she's been able to let me know she's about to poop.

Sometimes it's 5 to 10 minutes before she actually poops, which means there's ample time for us to get the potty for her to sit on.

But no. She doesn't want to sit on the potty to poop. She'd rather poop into the diapers, half squatting. 😂

So I guess toilet training has to wait.

Anyway back to my original objective of starting this entry.

We are quite pleased with the preschool we checked out last Saturday.

Clarissa looked very comfortable in the classrooms and overall the vibes I got from looking at pictures of happy students seemed good.

So I called up the school again this morning to find out if there are vacancies for next year and also the registration process.

The good news: They have just one vacancy left for Nursery 1!

The not-so good news: The monthly school fees after subsidy is more expensive than my university school fees.

I was just talking to my close friend about it and we tried to justify it.

In university the lecturer:student ratio is like 1:100s.
In a good nursery it's 1:7. Also, meals are provided. You stay in school and enjoy air conditioning for 12 hours a day. You get to shower in school. And go on excursions.

So really, it's not THAT bad. 😂😂

Anyway I'll discuss more with the hubs later this evening.

I'm inclined to register and pay the deposit first while keeping a lookout for better alternatives.

The deposit is fully refundable!

Sigh I have never thought I'd be sending my kid to school when she's so young.

But I really don't want her to feel bored at home, although our helper is doing a good job taking care of her.

Also everyone is sending their kids to school at a very young age so I don't want to "experiment" by trying to prove otherwise.

Afterall we have the responsibility as parents to ensure we provide for her adequately, and that includes the right start to education.

Decisions, decisions.

I managed to finish packing the clothes for the hubs and myself because the hubs brought the bubs to his friend's place.

He wanted to pass something to his friend, and thought he could bring the little boss along so I could pack.

So brave of him to drive her on his own. Clarissa was teasing him with different tones and ways of calling "Baba!" from her car seat on their way back lol.

Anyway it's a good strategy!

Now that I've got the clothes out of the way, I can pack the toiletries and Clarissa's stuff like diapers etc tomorrow! 💪

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