And trying my luck with videos again. 😅

I've been trying to take videos of her in her current gibberish-cute stage, so we remember the different ways she calls Papa and Mama.

She's so cheeky!
Sometimes she deliberately drags out the first syllabus and then shouts out the second very quickly, like Baaaaaaaa..BA!
Sometimes she keeps both syllabus short but calls out continuously, Mama! Mama! Maaaaaaaaa..MA!

I never knew there can be so many different ways of calling Daddy and Mommy.

Last night we got home later than usual but managed to spend some time chilling with her in our room.

She was playing with the travel size shampoo and shower foam bottles that the hubs bought yesterday for the trip.

Basically she was pretending to pour the shower foam onto her own palm and rubbing her arms and tummy with invisible foam.

She also very helpfully poured some onto our palms and instructed us to rub the foam across our arms.

So the three of us were dry-showering in the room. 😂

I asked her, "Clarissa, how do you brush your teeth?"
She did this hilarious motion of putting one arm 20cm away from her face and rapidly moving it from side to side.

"How do you wash your hair?"
She put both hands on her head and started scrubbing.

"And how do you shower?"


She replied, and then laughed very shyly.

Aww, this is like our first proper, spoken Q&A, and the answer is pretty legit.
She is saying, "Yaya helps me shower."

And then we side tracked and talked about what else we need to pack.
I told the hubs we should bring along Clarissa's meds for fever, nose and cough..
And our little cheeky eavesdropping boss let out a COUGH. 😂

"How do you cough?"
She did a loud, throaty cough and laughed.

Continuing our Q&A from last night, I asked Clarissa: "How do you buy Wang Wang? (The brand of her favorite mini milk biscuits)"

Her answer:


Complete with a very sweet smile.

I asked her twice just to confirm it's not a fluke. 😂


Answered the little boss, when I quizzed her about where we are going.

Correct pronunciation is "Airport". 😁

Here we are!

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