Seoul Day 1 and 2

Day 1 in Seoul, our energizer bunny.

Excited, hyper and super eager to head out.

We were so tired after the red eye flight, which went pretty well but all we managed was perhaps three hours of sleep in neck breaking position.

She slept too, in the bassinet for about four hours. When she woke up, she sat up with her messy bed hair, and smiled incredulously at us. She looked like she was saying, "Is it time to play already?"

We kept Day 1's schedule light, planning to head out only after we all took a nap.

But the little one spent an hour talking gibberish, with no intention to sleep at all.

We finally gave up and asked her what she wanted. She brought her shoes to us and pointed at the door.

Fortunately she fell asleep on our way to the aquarium, and we managed to stop for some coffee before she woke up.

She loved the small fishes but disliked the big ones, loved walking up and down the slopes, and was most thrilled seeing penguins.

She'd deliberately make this face when we ask her to take pictures. 😂

And we have to make all sorts of funny faces to make her smile, a little.

Oh this set of pictures was taken before we headed out for lunch yesterday. Went to the usual cold noodles place in myeongdong we always visit.

We let her try some but unfortunately she didn't agree with it and proceeded to throw up noodles, milk and everything in between.

So we sat there stinking with puke and trying to clean up, her, me and the place.

I ate quickly, every bite of the spicy cold noodles tasting incongruent with the smell of puke.

Despite smelling of puke, this girl was in high spirits, trying to run down myeongdong street and dancing to the music blasting from the shops.

We had to head back to the hotel to shower and change before setting out for Coex again.

Dinner was street food from myeongdong, which added up to be quite expensive.

After dinner, our energizer bunny took her shoes and pointed at the door again. 😂

She resisted sleep, refusing to let me hum the tune or pat her back. But she was too exhausted to fight it so she slept.

We woke up in the wee hours of the morning, shocked to find her missing from the bed.. and sleeping on the floor. #assholeparents

She must have rolled off, perhaps cried a bit, and continued sleeping on the floor.

I didn't hear anything at all so there is a possibility that she didn't cry at all and simply went back to sleep.

The hotel room floor is carpeted and before I went to bed, I placed the sofa mattress at the foot of the bed, just in case she rolled off.
So my thinking was spot on, but the spot I placed the mattress was not. It was too much in the centre.

She fell off from the corner fhl and slept on the floor.

I think all of us were just way too exhausted. 😂

Day 2 at Pororo Park.

She missed her nap so she wasn't in her most tiptop condition.

Still active but not willing to try most things.

Except slide up and down the stairs.

She did take a train ride without me (because adults weren't allowed) but our friend's 3-year-old daughter sat beside her and held her hand throughout the ride, which was really sweet.

We went shopping at namdaemon for hanbok for the little ones and got one for her.

She then proceeded to have a meltdown so we headed back to the hotel for a short rest before going out for dinner.

This cheeky girl was blowing bubbles with her saliva behind Daddy's back. 😅

We had Korean porridge for dinner and I was so glad she ate a good small bowl of it!

Met this tiger / giant cat on our way back and this girl actually walked up to give it a high five!

She was quite reserved at the pororo park so I was quite surprised by thus sudden display of friendliness and bravery.

So I asked for a picture together. 😁

As we continued our way back, the little samseng had somehow managed to remove the sleeves of her jacket and leave the rest of it hanging on her hip.

Gave her a shower and watched her fall asleep while drinking milk.

Peace out.