Seoul Day 3

Day 3 in Seoul, we were up bright and early to catch a train to attend our first Korean wedding.

The groom is the hubs' secondary school buddy and together with another friend, they call themselves "the pandan threesome".. which sounds wrong on so many levels. πŸ˜‚

But it's good to have buddies.

The wedding was simple and beautiful.

The couple had to bow a lot, and one parent from each side gave a speech, sharing words of advice and blessings to the couple.

They then formally bowed to each set of parents and then kissed to seal the deal. 😁

We took pictures with the bride and groom before adjourning for a buffet lunch at a separate restaurant.

A little someone was watching the wedding ceremony intently.

Rewinding to the reveal of the little Dae Jang-guem.

Changed her into the hanbok just before the ceremony. The moment we stepped out of the bathroom, her Daddy sang the chorus of the Dae Jang-guem theme song.

She looked so prim and proper in the hanbok!

I love how it fits her perfectly, both the length of the dress and the cut of the top. 😁

She helped herself to the Korean rice during lunch.

"Let's see how this tastes.."

"Hmm this needs a little more salt?"

"Maybe it'd taste better if I use my hand to eat instead."

"Ok the rice here is legit. I'm saving one for supper later."

Famfie is a must!

Actually it's been quite difficult taking photos of her, because she's either interested in grabbing the phone and camera, or simply not keen to take pictures.

More pictures of her in the camera! Shall upload them when we get home! πŸ’ͺ

Energizer bunny napped for an hour on Daddy on our way back to Seoul.

And that was all she napped for today.

We got back to the hotel, fed her and tried to rest but someone kept bringing her shoes to us.

So we headed out for dinner with friends to have Korean chicken. πŸ˜…

Another achievement unlocked.

She saw her little jiejie having nuggets and looked at her with big, longing eyes while swallowing her saliva.
Omg tamjiak max.

I didn't want to let her try because I wasn't sure if she could chew properly.

Hahahaha I know this sounds like the wrong reason not to let her eat a nugget, because the right answer should be: It's junk food.

But I believe in moderation in all things so if she wants a chicken nugget, she gets half of it.. to start with. πŸ˜…

I've always thought that her jaw muscles aren't strong yet, because she has only recently picked up eating bread on her own.
And I thought her puking on Day 1 was because she couldn't chew the cold noodles properly.
Moreover, she mostly eats porridge.

But it turned out that I was wrong.
She could eat the chicken nugget on her own, bite, pull, chew, swallow.
It took some effort but she eventually finished one whole piece on her own.

"Yes mom I told you I can do it."

She even offered the nugget to everyone around the table and made them all say "Aahhrm!" before she took a bite. Hahaha and the hubs' friends all stopped eating whatever they were eating to pretend-eat the nugget.

Bossy to the max.

We headed back to the hotel and hurray! She finally pooped.

Showered her, gave her milk and like yesterday, she fell asleep while drinking the milk.

And she's sleeping soundly now as I dayre in the dark.

It's funny how she resists sleep during the day, even though we are merely on our way to the next destination. She protests when I try to hum the goodnight tune and pushes my hand away when I try to pat her back.

And then she nods off to sleep, as quickly as her protests.

2.5 more days in Seoul!

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