Seoul Day 6 – Home sweet home

Hello there! Yes, hello, you!

We are back! 😉

Pretty good flight back with a fairly well behaved girl who entertained herself with the infant seat belt and some biscuits while the hubs and I watched kungfu panda 3 sharing the same screen and the same set of ear phones. Achievement unlocked!

Full concentration lol.
She could actually buckle up! And I'd have to unbuckle it for her to buckle up again. Repeat about 80 times. 😅

We took turns to have our dinner. The hubs had his while I fed the little boss and then he took over to give her some of my rice while I had mine.

I changed her diaper before the lights went out. She whined and cried a little as she struggled against the zzz monster.

Zzz monster won and she slept for a good 2 hours, until we stepped out of the plane.

Almost immediately, she switched to kaypo mode, looking around with her big, round eyes and at times exclaim a string of gibberish, and then ask me, "Baba?" – looking for her Daddy who was walking ahead of us to get our luggage.

When we got home, she waved goodbye to the kind taxi uncle who helped us with the heavy suitcases, without us prompting her.

Which was a sharp contrast to how she buried her face in her Daddy's chest whenever a particular air stewardess walk past our seats. 😂

She tried to sneak into our room to have her milk but did not protest when I took her back to her room to drink the milk instead.

She then knocked on our door when she was done and tried to hint to us about sleeping with us tonight. Awww.

So both of us tucked her into the sarong. She didn't protest about it but from time to time we could hear her asking our helper, Baba? Mama? 😁

This trip has been as fulfilling as it has been exhausting; the latter was the reason why I didn't post anything for the past two days.

The little one had a lot of fun, and the two of us experienced a different side of Korea we haven't seen in our multiple trips there, pre baby.

We are going to go easy on the vacations for the next few months so it might be a while before we return to Korea again.

Until then let me catch up on some sleep and write about this trip when I get the energy to. ✌