Hahaha blurred photo because little miss I-want-to-go-swimming was trying very hard to get me to put on her swim diaper. 😅

We'd told her that we'd bring her swimming after Daddy comes home from a wedding lunch, around 4pm.

We couldn't make it for her swimming lesson today but the hubs made arrangements with his friend to swim at his condo pool.

So this girl woke up from her nap at 130pm, ready for action after she finished her milk.

I asked our helper to put on her regular diapers first, but the little one protested and compromised by making her put on the washable diaper she wears for her classes.. on top of the shorts she was already wearing.

And then she took the swim diaper and followed me around the house, lifting one leg and pointing at it, demanding me to put it on for her. 😂

Finally here! 😁

Always delighted.

She's actually shivering from the cold water but wants to stay in the pool, and is very, very happy doing so.

And I'm actually Dayre-ing by the pool. 😁

Why so cheeky!

Enjoying herself so much she said no when we asked if she wanted to go home.

She even waved goodbye to the hubs and I, and blew us a kiss while she stayed with the hubs' friend!

I feel more assured about sending her preschool now lol. 😂

The little boss fell asleep in record time.. halfway through the bottle she stopped drinking and was fast asleep.

Result of the swim + play + dinner with the family to celebrate mothers' day and my dad's birthday, and just a 1.5 hours nap throughout the day.

Another achievement unlocked: She now recognises all her Yiyis and Uncle and Gorgor. 😁
Not only that, she was showing them her cheeky face and wanted to give everyone a high-five before we retreated for the night.

For my mom.

For my dad.

Printed and framed the pictures, and got Clarissa to "present" it to them. 😁

Even though I always say she's cheeky, I think she's also quite a sweetheart, the way she interacts with us, her grandparents, her aunties and uncles, and our helper.

Our helper told me the other day, that Clarissa saw a small cut on her nose and went over to help our helper wipe the blood off with a cloth.

Such a lovely moment!

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