Busy day today, even though it's a day off in lieu of the public holiday on Saturday.

Took Clarissa and our helper to the preschool to formally register and make payment.

Walked home in the scalding sun and waited for Clarissa's pd clinic to call for her appointment.

They called slightly before 12 so I woke the little one up from her nap, changed her and called a cab to take us for her vaccination.

Weight: 10.5kg
Height: 80cm

She did not gain any weight but it's still at the 50th percentile.
Height is falling below average though, no more next top model. 😅

Sigh I hope it is because she was slouching and the measurement wasn't accurate but I think it's really 80cm because the first measurement was 78cm.

She seems to be outgrowing the sarong.

Over the weekend she's had two consecutive meltdowns when it came to nap time, rejecting not only the sarong but also sleep in general.

Thank goodness she was ok today, a bit whiny but she pointed at the mattress, wanting to sleep on it.

Looks like it might be time to keep the sarong away.