I can't really find an appropriate sticker for this but I guess #haha fits the bill.

So I received an email from an intern asking for help on her project. She got my name from an analysis I did in my previous role that is relevant to what she's working on right now.

I managed to squeeze in some time this morning to talk to her because I always have a soft spot for 1) Singaporeans and 2) Interns, and what's more, a Singaporean intern.

It turns out that she is working on multiple subjects and one of it is on moms.

She said it is very difficult for her to relate and understand because she doesn't have any experience (obviously) or any reference point.

So I told her I can share my experience as a mom/consumer so that she knows what areas she needs to focus on for her project.

At the end of the meeting, she thanked me and said:

Just want to tell you that you are a really pretty mom!

I laughed and said thank you, and wished her all the best for the internship.

That was very sweet of her, and I really appreciate the compliment.

The funny part, at least to me, is the nuance, which I cannot help but notice. She said pretty "mom", which is very different from pretty "woman" or "lady".

This must have been a young girl's perception of motherhood or mothers in general. You are not expected to look pretty when you are a mom.

The idea must have been a little daunting and overwhelming, so moms in general should probably look washed out and frumpy.

Which is true, because I am a mess when I'm not at work (= Cannot be bothered to put on makeup or dress up) and I also feel like crap most days because I always feel like i can sleep more, and I have extra flap and layers dangling around where they should not be. 😂

Back in those days when I was the youngest in the company (oh where have the days gone?), I used to cringe when I heard mommy colleagues talking about pregnancy and giving birth. The idea of motherhood was scary and I could not imagine myself go through childbirth or confinement.

I guess the intern must be having similar thoughts as I did back then when I was her age. 😅

Knocked off at 6, took a cab to the mall close to home to get stuff for Clarissa's school:

✅ Water bottle
✅ Mattress cover
✅ Comb

Not on the list but I also bought:
✅ Matching bolster cover (I reckon we will be bringing her bolster to school 😂)
✅ Pillow, toddler size (Time for upgrade / upsize)

I was also checking out school bags lol. The skiphop ones are so cute! #bagaholic
But I guess we can use whatever bag we can find at home since she won't be the one carrying it. 😂

So I got home and this little girl was getting dressed after a shower.

She saw me and the first thing she said was, "Baba?"

I told her Baba isn't home yet; she immediately rolled down the bed without her pants to go to our room.

After we got those pants on, she started knocking and calling "Baaaaaaaa..BA! Baba!"

I only started filming after that but aiyo so sweet.

I told her Daddy's playing basketball tonight and would be home later.

She raised both her hands to do a slam dunk. 😅

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