Seoul #ootd

Just thought it would be fun to do a #clarissaootd in Seoul and also a #norepeatootdchallenge!

Day 1.

Top: Primark
Pants: H&M

Day 2.

Top: Uniqlo
Bottom: Zara kids

Day 3a.

Dress: Camouflage
Leggings: Mothercare

Day 3b.

Hanbok: Ahjuma's stall in Namdaemon

Day 3c.

Top: Primark
Demin shorts: Primark
Leggings: Mothercare

Day 4a.

(Oops lazy to resize to fit)

Cap: Primark (She wanted to put it on!)
Sweater: Baby Gap
Pants: Cotton on kids

Oh, underneath her sweater and pants is a Uniqlo camisole onesie.
She also had it on on Day 3 (I brought 2 sets) and it's a very nice inner wear for slightly chilly weather. Makes changing while we are out much easier! I didn't have to worry about her catching a cold because she had the onesie on. 😁

Day 4b.

Top: Baby Gap
Pants: Cotton on kids

Post dinner belly: Model's own 😅

Day 5a.

Top: Fox kids
Denim shorts: Primark
Leggings: Mothercare

Day 5b.

5a + Sweater from Zara kids.

Day 6a.

Top: Primark
Pants: Uniqlo

Day 6b.

6a + Cardigan from h&m.

It was fun dressing her up for a cooler climate!
My favourite combination is a tie between Day 3c and 4a, and of course, the hanbok.

That's all! 😉