Friends with ah gong again after a major tantrum.

She didn't want him to carry and he pinched her cheeks so hard she got so mad she clenched her teeth and fists and screamed at him while crying. 😂

So I took her to the park downstairs for a walk. My FIL came down to look for us after a while and she was ok to hold his hand on the condition that her other hand held onto mine.

The hubs came and took over so I could go back up to have lunch.

Soon the hubs came up too. 😁

We went down together after lunch to look for the two of them, and the little one spotted us, smiled and pointed us at cheekily.

"Actually.. I like you, ah guem."

"But why did you have to pinch my cheeks so hard?"


We dropped my FIL off before driving home. She waved him goodbye without saying anything.

Only after he turned and walked away did she turn to look at me and ask, "Ah guem?"

Hahaha their interaction cracks me up.

I try not to interfere too much because I think they need to find their way to communicate with each other.

I'd usually tell Clarissa not to be rude, for example, she should not slap ah gong's hand away when he reaches out to say hi.

But today I simply kept her away and told her to calm down, because she was angry for a reason. Perhaps she could tone down her anger, but I don't think she's emotionally mature enough to understand that.

Are you sure, Daddy? Isn't this too high?

Much better!

Aahhhhhh.. 💪💪💪

She fell asleep on our way home and continued sleeping even after I carried her out of the car seat and onto her mattress.

She slept for an hour and woke up crying. The crying then turned into a meltdown. 😟

Not sure what happened.
Was it a napmare?