19 months

A little someone turns 19 months young today and is..

Taking a famfie with us reluctantly. 😅

"No pictures today, #mamarazzi! I don't wanna see the bump on my forehead."

#thetruthis she wants my phone.

We had a horrific night yesterday.

Our helper needed to see the doctor so we got home slightly earlier than usual. Her condition seemed more serious than we thought, so the hubs asked me to go to the clinic with her, and he would bring Clarissa down for a walk.

So after dinner we lazed around for a whole because her appointment was at 830pm. And then we both got up to get changed.

My elder sister was sitting with Clarissa in the living room so we didn't think about keeping an eye on her.

Just as we stepped into our room, we heard a loud bang, followed by Clarissa crying.

She had tripped and fell forehead first while running to follow us into the room. 😢

It happened so fast that no one saw how she fell. My sisters at one point said she probably hurt her knees and not her head.

The bump on her head surfaced within seconds and she brawled uncontrollably. We only figured out after we played back the cctv footage.

Boy, that was a really painful fall.

Not only was it painful for her, it was painful for us to watch and rewatch.

She basically went from standing/running at a 90-degree angle to 0 degrees in 3 seconds. 😢😢😢
Tripped on her toes and she didn't even have time to bend her knees or use her arms to break the fall.

Took a while to calm her down before we headed out to the clinic.

Waited for a long time to see the doctor, gosh and I finally found out the reason behind her somewhat strange behaviour.

Had a talk with our helper after we got home, and it didn't go well either.

I don't know if I got my point across and it was quite frustrating because at one point she said her most infamous line, "You call the agent lah."

I felt like banging my head against the wall.

And I almost wanted to call the agent.

After a year, I still cannot understand what she is thinking sometimes.
Lying by omission is still lying.

Too much happening for a night.

Since I was with our helper, the hubs took on the task of changing the bubs and making milk for her. Awww.

Because she bumped her head, the hubs was worried about the side effects and wanted her to sleep with us so we could monitor her.

It was past 11pm by the time she settled down and fell asleep.

The hubs then spent 30 minutes applying ice pack on and off her baluku.

She'd earlier refused any form of treatment and didn't even want to get changed.

I was already dozing off from the exhaustion of a rather terrible night so kudos to the hubs for his patience.

The bump went down by the time she woke up in the morning, though we heard from both my FIL and helper that she was generally in a bad mood today. 😂

Sigh.. I hope she feels better soon.

I wonder if it's not pre- preschool jitters.

Tomorrow is her first day of preschool!
I'm finally done with filling up the forms and packing her bag.

Both the hubs and I have taken half day off tomorrow to take her to school.

I'm not sure what to expect (would she cry? Or would I cry? 😂) so I guess we'll have to see how it goes!

Wish us luck!

And happy 19 months young, our little boss!

I should probably do a milestone update but I can't think properly now so let me write when I'm thinking more coherently lol.