2nd Day of School

Today's "warm-up" took all of two minutes before she joined her schoolmates.

In fact I had to chase after her as she ran to assembly area while I was trying to tie her hair after getting her changed.

She'd spilled milk onto her tshirt while trying to drink directly from the cup.

Even in her excitement, she hesitated before entering the assembly area without us.

I assured her we'd be just standing outside the low wall. So she stood there, watching, before she walked in.

She'd turn to look at us and call us.

"Look baba, let's dance!"

We waved her goodbye, told her we will be back.. and left the area.

From the corner of our eyes, we saw her pointing at us and calling us, crying. Her Chinese teacher picked her up while we hid in a corner to watch.

She calmed down, not crying but frowning.

We stood around at the holding area until she went into the classroom. Tried to #mamarazzi and #paparazzi but she saw the hubs and immediately walked towards the window.

We ducked and peeped to ensure she was ok before we left for breakfast.

Went back up again to see the class in progress. Ah, so "class" is basically singing and movement.

So cute, two of her classmates held hands and did "拔萝卜".

Our girl was playing bricks on her own. 😂 But she got up to join the class and conveniently plopped herself to sit on her teacher's lap.

We sat outside the classroom for a while and I wondered aloud to the hubs "should I watch her have lunch later?"

The hubs said no, let's go home first and pick her up later at 12. 😂

Erm so here we are, at home. He's taking a nap while I'm Dayre-ing. #assholeparents

I can't wait to pick her up later!

She was so excited to get changed and put on her shoes.

My sister had to leave for school so we told Clarissa to say goodbye as "Ah ah is going to school!"

She got upset when we shut the gates, and she wanted to follow my sister! I think she thought my sister was going to her "school" without her. 😅

My sister thought it was because Clarissa wanted the milo bottle she was holding on to, but it really wasn't.

Aww I hope that after the trial run today of knowing we are going to leave her in school with her teachers and friends, she'd still look forward to going to school.

Back in class after lunch and shower.

Little samseng in jersey seemed quite attentive in class.

Her assistant teacher said she finished her lunch (she fed her) and took her shower without any problem.

She had some problems chewing the vegetables though. Her teacher has noticed Clarissa's tendency to directly swallow her food without chewing, result of always having porridge as her staple meals.

So I feel more assured now that they'd look out for her when she eats.

I watched her for some time before her assistant teacher went in to inform her that I was standing at the window.

She turned and saw me, and I gave her my biggest smile and waved Hello! as I walked to the door.

She'd already turned to face the door, still sitting down, her eyes red and welled up with tears.

She said, "Mama!", stood up and ran towards me, bursting into tears.

I hugged her and said, "Good job Clarissa!" while she continued crying but stopped to ask me, "Baba?"

It felt like she'd held back all her tears and then released all of them when she saw us.

"Finally, you are here to take me home!"

She waved goodbye to all her teachers and like yesterday we dropped her and our helper off at the carpark.

She happily hi-fived us and gave us her flying kisses before heading home with our helper. 😊

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