Good morning!
Time to go to school.

The hubs is on leave today so I dropped them off before continuing my way to office.

Drop-off went ok!

She said bye bye to me and I told her I love her and would see her tonight.

She cried a little when the hubs dropped her off and gave him "the look" (according to the hubs) when he said goodbye to her. She'd already stopped crying by then, so I hope she'd be ok throughout the day and would enjoy the time in school.

First time we are gonna let her nap in school!

Weekend was super tiring because demanding little boss was very demanding.

Rather serious case of separation anxiety or supreme bossy-ness because everything she did, she wanted me to do it.
If it's not me doing it, then it has to be the hubs.

So she watched me shower, watched me pee, watched me get changed because I cannot be out of her sight. 😂

Thank god she didn't put up a fight to fall asleep in her own room last night.

She was asleep by 930pm and I retreated to our bed to simply lie down and do some quick grocery shopping on RedMart.

I slept quite early too, woke up a few times but overall I feel quite rested, more like a human being again.

I think she must have been feeling a little scared and anxious about being left in school on her own without us, so I'm not complaining. Afterall we are her world. 😁

She was in a good spirits this morning, although she refused to let our helper change her or do anything for her. 😞

So between the hubs and I we had to take turns to poop (Hahahaha tmi) and get changed, and get her changed.

I only managed to change her diaper and had to go to the toilet, and she refused to get changed without seeing me lol. So the hubs brought her to our room after I was done with the toilet and was painting my face, and changed her into her tshirt while she watched ME. 😂

But aye, it is good team work!

Cried when Daddy picked her up.

The hubs said she was crying and babbling a whole string of gibberish that sounded like she was complaining to him as she walked towards him.
Our little drama queen. 😂

I missed her so much today!

He brought her to the playground and so she was happy.

The hubs told me she's now very brave on the slide. She'd let go and let herself slide down, again and again.

I was caught up in some work stuff and left office pretty late. Decided to take a cab home but it suddenly rained so heavily I was stuck in traffic.

Little boss ran over to hug me when I got home. The teacher said she napped in school today but somehow she seemed tired and tantrumy.

She asked for milk at 845pm (very early by her standards) and was asleep by 930pm.

But she suddenly woke up, crying. 😢

So now she's in our room, sound asleep again.

Sigh.. poor girl, I hope she wasn't having nightmares of her parents leaving her alone in school. 😢

Just accessed the teacher-parent portal from the school (yes, in the dark) and found the update for last week by her teacher.

The todds were experiencing paint and colors.

She looks like she's having fun.

Does this look like a smile? 😊

Hahaha they even took this hilarious profile picture of her. 😁😂

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