The situation right now: Everyone is asleep.

The hubs, my sis, my dad, our helper.. and the little one.

Things were crazy since I touched down and got home at 630am.

We brought Clarissa to KK hospital, long story short (I'll write more when my headache subsides), the doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia.
It's affecting one side of her lungs, which explains the fever and coughing and vomiting.

She managed to take a nap after we got home, but last night was wild.

She coughed after we shifted her to her cot.. and then she threw up.

Cleaned her up and made her sleep again.. but she woke up every hour.

I feel like I'm back to her newborn days, but much worse.

Thank god for both our parents who popped by to give us support.

The hubs and helper are both sick (helper's moping around omg so we said, go take a nap); I think it has been really tough on the hubs those three nights I was away.

I haven't slept properly for two nights already but I can't sleep now because of a throbbing headache.

Silly me called in for an important meeting last night with my boss, his boss, my indirect boss.. and got asked to sign off. Told me everything is under control, please go and take care of your daughter. 😢

Times like this, I feel so thankful to be working in this company with such supportive bosses.

Clarissa has lost weight; this is really the worst state I have seen her in. 😢

I hope the antibiotics take effect soon and that she gets well soon.

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