How we spent Fathers’ Day

(I'm playing cheat by posting all the pictures and empty text boxes first, but in fact updating past midnight.)

It has been a long day at the hospital.

The hubs left with my sis and mom around 8pm, and I gave the little one my phone to watch YouTube while I sat on a chair beside her bed with my laptop, downloading emails, responding to critical ones and rescheduling all my meetings for tomorrow.

She just sat beside me quietly, picking her own nursery rhymes MVs to watch. #assholeparent

Her fever has subsided, and they've stopped paracetamol for her.. They consider anything below 38°C to be no fever, but she's somehow hovering around 37.8-37.9°C, which warrants continued observation.

We have been trying in vain to collect her pee sample to rule out bacteria infection but alas all efforts wasted either due to contamination (her diarrhoea got into the sample) or missed aiming.

Need the urine test to be cleared before she can be discharged.
So here we're, 3rd night in hospital.

In fact, Fathers' Day started the day before.

After the hubs said goodbye to a nearly-dozing-off little girl, she suddenly sprang wide awake and wanted to sit on the couch (we finally got to move to a single room, thank god), looked at pictures on my phone, and then demanded to put on her shoes.

She then walked out of her room and called out, "Baba!"

I gently reminded her that Daddy has gone home but would be back in the morning.

"You said bye bye just now, remember?" I said to her.

"Bye bye," she said to herself, as if she was suddenly remembering again that, oh yes she said byebye 20 minutes ago.

"Baba?" She walked to the bath room and looked again, confused again.

I nearly cried. 😢
Explained to her the same thing again before she stopped looking confused and lost.. and made me walk at 5 rounds around the ward with her in my arms (she decided it was too dangerous to walk with all the nurses lurking around😂) before returning to her room for a diaper change.

Skyped the hubs so he could hear the touching story and the little one can say goodnight again.

She took the phone and kissed the screen / her Baba!
Aiyo need to be so sweet or not? 😅

My heart melted. Such a sweetheart!
Did she know it is Fathers' Day?

Today, the actual Fathers' Day.. I cancelled the brunch reservation at Riders Cafe and spent the day feeding her, making her drink water, changing diapers, trying to catch pee.. and watching her sleep.

She refused to let go of my hand lol.
Every time I tried to squirm away, she'd grab on more tightly.

Decided to give her a bit of playtime after she woke up from her nap.

The hubs' cousin bought her a toy doctor's kit yesterday.

So this is her playing doctor and examining her duck.. and then herself.

"Oh let me put on my spectacles to examine further."

"Do I push this up? Like this?"

"Would this do?"

"It's not that difficult to put on spectacles.."

"How do I look?"

"What do you mean, the spectacles is too small for my face?"

*Giving you my signature frown through my spectacles*


She's getting better as compared to the day before, at least not as lethargic.

We took her for a walk downstairs and returned with a packet of snacks she picked for herself. 😁

Because she wanted to eat the snack, she drank quite a bit of water, at least more so than yesterday (she's at risk of dehydration).

She ate her dinner (just rice with soup) enthusiastically – feeding herself until she got tired and let me take over.

Dinner for us was pretty awesome Thai food packed by my mom.

And then it was time for them to go home.. and back to where I started this entry.

Not the kind of Fathers' Day we want to have, but I think we've made the best out of it.

My gift to the hubs is better sleep at night and hopefully he recovers from his cold soon.

As I was thinking about this while brushing my teeth, I also realised that the best gift a child can give to her dad, and mom, is to be healthy and happy.

(And of course, be nice to her parents lah.)

It has been a really rough and long week for us, and I hope we come out of this stronger (and healthier) as a family.

Very thankful for the support from both sides of our families, and my sister who accompanied us to and in hospital all the way.

I won't deny that there is a lot of frustration – for one, the doctors kept changing everyday, we've spoken to at least 8 different doctors the past few days, none of them a repeat so we had to repeat our story over and over again.

And then there's the unsolicited advice – "do this don't do that drink this don't drink that", and the unconstructive comments – "you should have done this" (ok so why didn't you tell me from the start?), or our helper who slept the past few days sleeping away at home and yet says she's still sick wtf.

But I'd like to focus on the positive and the love we are getting.

Hope to see our darling fully active and cheeky again.

Please get well soon, both of you!

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