My Sunday

0015, late night variety show.
Something I have not done in a while.

I managed to sleep a decent four hours before the captain woke us all up with his announcement on the descent.

SQ now serves supper instead of breakfast on its red eye flights, which makes more sense. Supper at 12am vs. breakfast at 3am?

0750, got to the somewhat familiar yet somewhat unfamiliar hotel.

The staff at the reception said, oh sorry your room isn't ready.

I asked, can you please provide a room for me to wash up, at least?

She started searching in her computer again, looked up and asked me, "3,000yen for early check in, is it ok?"

I did my mental sums (divide by 100, not 1000 😂) and said, "ok."

Really, all I needed was a shower.

She searched again and said, "I managed to find one room for you, M"am."


Bento lunch at research facility.

Sadly the food didn't taste as good as the box and arrangement it came in.

I ate a quarter of it and survived the rest of the day munching on junk food. 😌

Skyped with the darling, ok, darlings.. after work.

We Skyped in the morning too! The little one had just woken up with the cutest bed hair. 😁

Here she was bouncing on her Daddy's lap and suddenly decided to lie down on him.

Ordered room service.
Sushi, it is.

Too. Much. Sushi.
I gave up.

Shamelessly asked for wasabi, even though I know that's not how they eat sushi here.

(They usually stick a little wasabi in between the rice and fish, and you're supposed to simply dip the sushi in a bit of soy sauce. And stuff the entire sushi into your mouth.)

But yeah I have to blend it with the soy sauce and get high from the sensation of wasabi shooting through my nose. 😅

She declared, "Eyes!" before squeezing into the spectacles. 😂😁

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