More conversations with Clarissa

"No, no," she said as I tried to take pictures of her new hair-do on our way to get breakfast. 😅

She obliged when Daddy asked her to take a famfie though. 😁

Over breakfast, I told her we would be going to her Ah gong's place later to celebrate her Lao-ma's birthday.

👧: We'll go to Ah gong's place later, ok?
👶: (Shakes her head and hand) No no.
👧: Why?
👶: (Pats chest with one hand) 怕怕 (Scared).
👧: (😂😂) There's no need to be scared. You just need to go and say hello to Ah-gong and Lao-ma.
👶: (Apprehensive look)
👧: We'll all go with you, ok?
👶: Baba?
👧: Yes, Baba will go with you.
👶: Mama?
👧: Yes, Mama will go too.

👶: Ah ah?
👧: Yes yes, ah ah (my sis #5) also going.
👶: Yaya?
👧: Yes, Yaya too. We are all going with you.
👶: (Continues eating her bread)


Right after the little boss finished drinking milk for the night, our helper said to me, "M'am let me (make the baby sleep)."

👶: Mama, pat pat!
(Flips over and sticks her butt up towards my face)

So 👧 i.e. me, patted her to sleep. 😁

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