Day 2 of Preschool

Erm.. Practising a dance before going to school. 😅😁

Her Yaya braided her hair.. yes, even this (limited) amount of hair can be braided. 😉

Imitating how her Daddy walks. 😅

Drop-off was the same as yesterday.

"怕怕"➡Clung onto Mommy➡Started crying while doing health check➡Cried and said No!! when her Chinese teacher picked her up at the entrance➡Stopped crying almost immediately after we said goodbye and they turned to get to the breakfast area.

We came home to a cheery girl who greeted us happily at the door.

Our helper said the pick-up went well, no crying, and she even said goodbye to her teachers, and blew kisses. 😁

Unlike yesterday where she cried at pick-up.. because she pooped fhl lol. 😂

We weren't sure if she cried because she pooped and had to get her bum washed, or if she cried because of pent up fear (like in the first week of school).

Guess it's the poop. 😏

Breaking the momentum tomorrow because of the public holiday, but I hope it gets better!

We asked her where she wanted to sleep tonight and she chose to sleep in her own room. Asked us to sit down on her mattress while she tried to sleep.

She was ok for us to leave the room when we said good night to her after sitting with her for a while. 😊

Oh and she now knows how to ask for the tablet and say the magic word.

It usually starts with loitering around our bedside table where the tablet sits.

👶: Bert?
👧: Yes, what do you want?
👶: (Smiles shyly) Bert!
👧: Oh, you want the tablet? What must you say?
👶: Piss! (Breaks into a bright smile) Piss pizz?

Lol so difficult to say no!

👧: Ok, 10 minutes!
👶: Up! (Gleefully climbs up the bed to watch YouTube on the tablet)

These days she quite willingly returns the tablet to me after less than three reminders that the 10 minutes' up.
I make it a point to say thank you to her, and tell her I appreciate her returning the tablet to me after 10 minutes. 😁