Mimicking Daddy

So this girl woke up at 530am this morning and started talking in her cot.

👶: Duct-duct.. sleep. Beh-beh.. sleep. Baba.. sleep. Mama.. sleep. Ah-ah.. sleep. Yaya.. sleep.

Our helper heard her and thought to herself, wah not bad she knows I'm sleeping; maybe don't need to get up. 😂

👶: Yaya?
(Yaya deliberately didn't respond.)
👶: Yaaaa..ya?
(No response.)
👶: YAYA!
(Yaya bobian, gets up and walks to her.)
👶: Meh-meh.

She had her milk and went back to sleep.


On our way to have breakfast.
Monkey see monkey do. 🐒🐒

She had a hotcake and some corn, and tried to feed us some too. 😁

🐵 Imitating Daddy again. 😂

At the birthday party of the hubs' friend's boy.

This girl kept wanting to go into the pool so we compromised by letting her walk around in the water instead.

These two twinning today.

Asked her to pose for a picture with Daddy and she did this. 😬

Daddy said, "Don't kick the water huh. Don't splash! Don't kick!"

She went ahead to splash and kick anyway. 😂

We didn't bring any towel #yolo so we just changed her into another pair of shorts when she got up from the pool.

And then the kids all held hands and walked to the lift lobby.

Very cute! 😁

To the indoor playground of the birthday boy and his little sister.

This little one went straight to her favourite car (it's her third time to our friend's place).

When it was time to go home, the kids held hands again to walk to the lift.

Clarissa said to me, "Hold hand?", looked for the same little jiejie and held on to her hand.

As we reached the carpark and said goodbye, she even offered her cheek to let her little jiejie kiss her. 😁

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