Fun in school!

Logged on to her school's portal and found that her teachers have updated her profile picture!

She looks so happy here! 😁

We had a mini breakthrough at drop-off this morning.

As usual she started whining once our car turned into the carpark, cried as I carried her into the lift and to the entrance of the school.

Her Teacher W was there, and Clarissa reached over to let her carry, still whining, yet understanding that it was time to say goodbye to us.

She waved goodbye to us tearfully.

And then another teacher said, "Let's go for breakfast! Pancakes today!"

Clarissa stopped whining and went "Ahhrmm!" with a finger on her mouth.. and happily walked into the classroom. 😂😁

Surprise Daddy pick-up today!

The hubs is on a one-day reservist today before the 2-week one, come end-July.

Hubs said she was happy to see him and that the teacher said she ate very well.

She asked for milk when he was driving her home. 😅

Photo evidence from her teachers. 😂

In the description of the album her teachers created for her, they say "She has been eating well and having fun with her new friends".

Yes I believe them.

I wonder what they were doing, to make her smile like this.

Makes me happy just looking at this.

She's super affectionate tonight!
We were in bed reading books and she'd reach out every now and then to give me a hug. 😍🙆
Hug and then pat my back thrice each time lol.