The little boss with her security duct-duct and her security "ding".

She whined through the health check but got me to let her walk on her own to the entrance.

(There are 2 entrances – the main entrance where we sign in, do health checks, place their shoes etc, and another one after we pass all the checks, leading into the classrooms and assembly area.)

She waited for a teacher to take her into the classroom, took her hand, and trotted in after waving us goodbye. 😁

There is something adorable and endearing about seeing her little pony tail move up and down with her as she walks into the classroom, looking all brave and ready to start the school day while holding onto her security duct-duct and water bottle in one hand and a teacher's hand in another.

Both the hubs and I went "aww", and watched her for a while before we turned to leave the school.