Cheeky sweetheart

Little boss in a mini zoo created by her teachers on Tuesday.

Guess which animal she picked?
(No I don't think there is an option for ducks. 😂)

We laughed for a good minute when we saw this little giraffe.

Is it that funny?

(Yes it is. 😂)

For perspective, her classmates did the same thing and they looked cute. She looked so goofy! And cute of course. #oldwongsellsmelon

We decided to keep her away from school today.

There has been quite a few cases of gastric flu in her school, especially from the nursery classes.
The school did a thorough fogging on Wednesday night.

Last evening we got an update from the school about a new HFMD case and 11 more gastric flu cases.
11!! All reported sick on either Wednesday or Thursday.
Mostly from nursery classes but spreading to kindergarten, and one case from a toddler class (not Clarissa’s).

We are not sure if it's the logical or right thing to do but we decided to play it safe and keep her out today.
Hopefully the spreading stops and they do another round of cleaning up over the weekend.

The school is also asking for parents to provide certification from doctors that their child is fit to return to school, before they allow the child to join the classes.

Sigh we like this school, but there is on average 2-3 cases of either HFMD or gastric flu every week since Clarissa started school.

I still have the backup plan of the other school, since my deposit is still with them wtf. But I hope we don't have to exercise that option.

The little boss took out her shoes when I opened the cabinet this morning (to take out mine).
She then tried to put on her shoes! 😅

I had to remind her that she won't be going to school today before she reluctantly put her shoes back.

This was after she said "No" when we asked her earlier in the morning, if she'd like to go to school. 😌

Cannot make up her mind? 😅

Received another update from the school that they'd be conducting another round of fogging tonight to ensure that the school is thoroughly clean when the kids arrive on Monday.

In addition to that they will also take these steps:
🔹Change of complete sets of cleaning tools and selected kitchen tools
🔹Daily sterilization of utensil with sterilizing tablets
🔹Hourly handwashing for children
🔹Frequent sanitization of classrooms with aerosol disinfectant and mopping throughout the day

🔹Daily washing of toys
🔹Increased visual checks on children

They also appealed to parents not to send our kids to school if they are not feeling well.

I'm glad they are taking all these steps!

Clarissa was playing with my sister's laptop and somehow managed to change her log-in password.

I shoo-ed her back into our room to stop her from causing more damage.

I told her that Ah-ah is upset now because she cannot log on to her computer after what she has done.
"Later before you drink milk, you have to go and sayang Ah-ah ok? And also give her a hug ok?"

As usual she carried on doing what she was doing and did not seem to acknowledge what I said.

So I didn't think much of it, until it was time for her to go back to her own room to drink her milk.

She's usually super eager to drink milk once she sees the bottle but instead of following us into her room, she turned and walked into the study/guest room where my sister was.

She gave my sister a hug and touched her face (=sayang)!

Aww. I didn't think she was listening to me, and wasn't expecting her to remember.

So sweet!