Hug, Baba!

On my way home now after missing gym. 😬

Was planning to leave at 515pm (latest) but one discussion overran.
Looked at the clock, 523pm, ok maybe can still pack up and go.
But received a ping from my boss' boss and got into a call.

Decided to scrap plans. Finished up some emails. Left office after 6.

Earlier this morning.
I told her, "let's take a picture for Daddy!" So that was her trying to look prim and proper.

For about five seconds.

Before she reached out to grab my phone, took three pictures of the same thing and ran off to hide into her room.. with my phone.

Took a bit of effort to get it back from her, because I really had to go to work. 😂


.. and kisses for Daddy. 💋💋

She smiled and announced shyly (and pronounces quite accurately) "hug!" and "kees!" before going forward to hug and kiss her Daddy.

Continued talking about Daddy after lights out.

👶: Baba? Where?
👧: Baba is in camp. He is busy now but he will come home soon.
👶: (Smiles) Hi! (Waves) Baba! Baba, hi!