Regular school/wfh day

Hahaha my artistic #notsoflatlay with a bit of everything.

Kangeroo (baby carrier), umbrella, toast and kopi-o kosong.

Just dropped off the little one at school. Time for a quick breakfast before heading home to work.

Originally planned to work from home today because my calendar looked somewhat empty and there is an evening call.

But now it's pretty darn full zzz. 😣💪

Our little rocker. 😅

Saw this tshirt at h&m and couldn't resist buying it.
It says "this girl rocks". ✌👊

Hahaha what pose is this!

She was actually very reluctant to take pictures. We'd a video call with her Daddy earlier in the morning but she seemed to have forgotten about it. Either that or she thought Daddy was calling her from our room. 😅

She kept asking about Baba and even went to knock on our door.

👧: Baba is in camp.
👶: Baba, sleep?

When we got to the carpark, she saw cars and asked me about Baba again.

Anyway it's such a nice rainy morning to sleep in I almost caved in and declared, "let's all stay at home today!" 😅

I walked to school with the little boss in the carrier, singing "Rain, rain, go away" together.

But she grew quieter as we approached the school. Asked for her "ding" once we reached the school. Cried through health check. But remembered to sanitise her hands. Waved me a tearful goodbye before she went into the classroom.

Not bad, for little ponteng queen. 😂

I think her attendance is about 50% since she started on 1st June.
Not her fault lah, it's us.

Afterall the whole point of her going to school this young is to have fun and learn something new, not to fall sick.

While walking home, she insisted on sitting on the bench.

She cried when she saw me at pick-up. The legendary Teacher N took her to the entrance and we chatted a bit.
I told her that Clarissa talks about her a lot at home.
She was pleasantly surprised and asked me what Clarissa talked about.

I said, "Oh she just calls out Tatte AUN! when I mention about school to her."
Was tempted to but obviously couldn't tell her, "Oh she also mentions your name whenever we ask her who farted." 😂😂

"Actually I was the one who farted!"

She tripped while walking along the path leading to the running track.

Not a big deal, so I got her to simply stand up and dust her hands.
She frowned and scolded the pavement, basically pointing at the ground and saying a string of gibberish in disapproval.
She made me stamp my foot on the ground in disapproval too, before she was willing to move forward.

There was a man walking in front of us then.

He turned back to look at me, and laughed. 😂

Just saw an update from the school on a new case of gastric flu.. 31st case in the last 2 weeks, 1st case from Clarissa's class.

Last day of attendance was Monday.

So Clarissa wouldn't have come into contact with the classmate.. but what if the virus has spread to other classmates? 😔

Sigh. There really isn't a "right" time to send her to school, is there?


Besides her ability to 碎碎念, I find it amazing that she can express herself with so few words.

She was having potato and carrot soup with rice and fish for dinner this evening and I helped her with it.

I was cutting the potato into smaller chunks for her but she finished the smaller chunks faster than I could smash.

She looked at me and said very matter-of-factly:

👶: Big, no. Cut.

Translation: This piece of potato is too big. I cannot eat it. Please cut it for me. 😅

Sounding more and more like a big girl now, although she pronounces biscuits as "Bee-shee".

One day she stood at the dining table and said to me, "Bee-shee! Piss?"

And I asked her, "Why are you asking for bedsheets?"

It was only when she tiptoed to reach for the biscuit jar that I realised she was asking for biscuits. 😅

It's been weeks since she started saying "bee-shee" but I still feel like laughing whenever she asks me for "bee-shee". #assholeparent 😅