See? SEE?

So the hubs came home tonight!

Said he'd be ready to Skype at 830pm but he showed up at the door instead.

Clarissa was obviously happy to see Daddy but her response was quite muted as compared to how she asks about Baba when she wakes up, when I get home and whenever she thinks of Baba.. everyday since Monday.

A bit like "love you more than I can say"? 😅

I was helping the hubs stick on muscle heat patches and Clarissa cried in protest.

She thought Daddy was in pain because I was pressing on his shoulders and then back to confirm the area to stick the patches.

Told me, "Mama, no!"
And starting crying. 😂

When it was my turn to get my shoulders "tested", she looked at my face worriedly to check for any sign of grimace.

I tried my best to look normal and smile at her but when the hubs stuck the plasters onto my shoulder blade she cried.

Baba, no!

In fact she reacts this way every time she sees us massaging each other, or when we playfully (and lightly of course) hit each other.

She always frowns, cries, says No!!, and sometimes add some 碎碎念 especially to her Daddy when he continues playing along despite her protests.

I guess she doesn't like seeing us sad or in pain?

This also extends to characters on TV. When she sees a crying scene, she will frown and look at me, inquisitive, as if she's asking me, "Why is she crying?"

And then she will hold my hand and look sad until the scene is over.

I will try to explain why the character is sad and tell her it'd be ok soon.

Very aunty of her to be invested in TV characters but at the same time, quite sweet?

It feels like she understands emotions and is learning to be emphatic.

So one little monkey was rolling around the mattress refusing to get changed.
She rolled off the mattress and bumped her head.
She cried a little, and we told her it's alright, get up and be more careful next time.

She got up but continued frowning and 碎碎念. While I was changing her diaper, she kept saying "Foor!" but I ignored her.

Then she said "See!", followed by "SEE!!".. until I gave in and asked "What do you want Mommy to see?"

She walked to the spot where she bumped her head, bent down and pointed at the exact area, and said:

See? Foor! EH!!

.. very indignantly. 😂

She made me slap and "scold" the floor before she flashed a tiny smile and went back to the mattress.

We always try to tell her it's not always the floor's fault; it's because she's not careful enough.

But our helper has been hitting and scolding the floor whenever she trips, ever since she started walking.. which is.. erm, not really the right thing to teach?

So now we are trying to undo this misconception by telling her 1) it's not the floor's fault; 2) cannot blame the floor; 3) she should be more careful.

We say it in front of the helper too, so she knows that our "style" is to allow the child to learn from her mistakes instead of blaming something or someone else.

But it seems quite hard now to reverse what she has been taught.

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