We were walking home from our usual Saturday routine of getting breakfast.

The hubs was holding the plastic bags that had our breakfast in them, a packet of iced milo and a packet of iced black coffee.

He walked slightly ahead of us, while the little one trotted along with me walking beside her.

We were chatting idly and the little one was also saying something.

She was talking louder and louder, before she stopped in her trackers abruptly, shouting:


She was clearly unhappy about something but I couldn't understand what she was trying to say.

"TASH!" She cried again.

I tried to get her to walk but she refused to.

And then the hubs got it.

πŸ‘¦: You want to touch this?

He raised the two packets of iced drinks.

She broke into a smile and ran happily towards the iced packets, touched them with her little hands and placed her hands on her face.

πŸ‘§: Wah, you are good! How did you know what she was trying to say?

δ½ θ¦ζœ‰δΈ€ι’—η«₯εΉ΄ηš„εΏƒ, ζ‰δΌšζ‡‚γ€‚

(You need to have a childlike heart to understand what she is saying.)