She took this selfie after much cajoling. She was the one who clicked on the camera icon!

She was zooming around the house this morning saying "Tiko! Tiko tiko!" 😅

Our helper was trying to teach her how to say "Thank you!" properly.
She can say "谢谢" though it sounds more like "shee shee".

She very helpfully took my slippers out for me. I packed the slippers into a shoe bag – so I could change into them when I walk home from the MRT station tonight.

I took out the heels I was planning to wear.

She turned and saw that the slippers were no longer there on the mat where she'd properly placed them on.
She started crying. 😂

I had to take out the shoe bag to show her, "Here! I'm bringing the slippers to work. I will wear them! But later."

She stopped crying and looked satisfied with my answer. 😅

I tried to explain to her that I cannot wear slippers to work. 😂

Managed to catch Daddy on video call as we were getting into the cab!

As usual she knocked on our door this morning looking for Baba.
It's gonna be a long week. 💪💪

In office already!

Yay to good traffic.
Now to get some work done before those back to back meetings. 💪

Someone got picked up by her Ah-guem (and our helper).

My FIL sent me this picture while I was in a meeting.

I thanked him for picking Clarissa up. 😊

Knocked off at 7pm today.
So much for smooth traffic and starting early.

Thought I could reach home earlier if I took a cab.

But I was caught in a traffic jam and got home at 8pm.

In the meantime this girl made herself comfortable on her Ah-ah's bed and played with Ah-ah's stuff ranging from toys to laptop.

Even posed for wefie.

I tried to catch up with her before I had dinner.

👧: Clarissa, what did you do in school today?
👶: (Looked at me in the eyes) Eat. Rice.
👧: Oh. You ate rice. What else did you do?
👶: Eat. Apple.

Hahahaha did you go to the canteen or school?


Skyped with the hubs after dinner and shower, and then it was time for a wipe-down for her.

She threw a major tantrum because she didn't want to get changed in her own room.

I tried everything. Persuaded. Reasoned. Scolded.

She screamed and cried. And cried and cried.

Sigh so I lost the standoff because she cried until she choked.
I guess she was very tired because she didn't sleep much in the afternoon, according to our helper.

So I wiped her and got her changed on our bed.

She very expertly asked for "Power" (Powder) and Vicks.

When we were done, she pointed at the powder flecks on our purple comforter, frowned and asked me, "Why?"

I said, "That's why I asked you to change in your room!"

She stared at me with her big round eyes and looked guilty.

Wah luckily you are cute. 😅

She had milk on our bed and fell asleep quite promptly.

My bad for coming home so late.
I guess she just wants to be by my side.
(And smell Daddy's scent – according to the hubs. 😅)

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