The situation last night: For some reason she didn't want to sleep. Insisted that I carry her so I did – I carried her while sitting down on the bed.

"No," she said. That was not what she meant by "抱抱".


She pointed at the floor and said.

So I had to carry her and walk up and down the room, rocking her, swaying side to side, patting her bum.. it's been a while since I had to do that to make her sleep.

She finally fell asleep after about an hour (of carrying her / her trying to break free and run off / her insisting on me carrying her again) and I continued to be human mattress for a while before putting her onto our bed.

Not sure what she refused to sleep even though she was obviously tired.

By then I was too tired to do anything, the after-effects of the back and foot massage and dinner at DTF with the hubs almost off-set by the rocking and swaying around.

Still, it was nice to have some us time catching up over dinner.

Also caught up with @babyruth yesterday! So much to catch up on!

One of the intangible (because it's priceless!) rewards I got from my company is this friendship. We were from the same primary school! Hahaha albeit a few years apart.

And as always, so thoughtful.
Came with a gift for Clarissa. 😁

Someone very happy to put the shoes on, declared "Meiyo!" and went to check herself in the mirror.

"Nice right, Mommy!"

Thank you sim yiyi! 😁

#clarissaootd is a onesie from Uniqlo.

I bought it before she was born.
I was doing some last-minute shopping for onesies and bought a variety in different sizes.

I obviously sized up too much and she's wearing this, erm, 21 months later. 😅

Nonetheless I still think bigger is better than smaller!

Looking longingly at the pool waiting for class to start.

She was so excited about swimming!

Ran around the house and towards the door, exclaiming to our helper, "Byebye! See you! Seeyouseeyouseeyou! See you!"

Longest string of words I have ever heard her say.

And then she tried to open the shoe cabinet to take OUR slippers out for us. She can't reach the top of it so she opened the cabinet from the bottom.

Gotta give it to her. 😅

She even arranged the slippers properly for us, the way we'd wear them, so we could slip on and just go. 👏👏👏

The previous class overran so these two entertained themselves.

Daddy showed her how to use water to comb a shanghai tang hairstyle, much to her delight.

1 on 1 lesson today.

There were 2 other kids – an 18 month old and a 6 month old, but both were beginners so there was another instructor with them.

Having fun as usual.

Hubs said she kept splashing water at him, and I saw her smiling and clapping, and giving her Daddy and the instructor high fives whenever she completed a task.

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