This one woke up at 530am this morning. Went back to sleep but got up at 615am. 😩

Daddy had to go back to camp today (last day of reservist for the year, yay) so we were all up before 7am.

I promised to take her to the playground after a breakfast of pancakes and milo so here we are!

She was slurping milo so happily and even said, "Tanks, Mama!" 😍

But our helper had to run after her to get her changed as the little one kept running away from her saying, "Deng shia! Deng shia!" (η­‰δΈ€δΈ‹) πŸ˜‚

I let her choose which playground she wanted to go to (there are two) and she said, "There!"

Held my hand and took me to the playground.

So steady on the slide now. 😁

She made me sit beside her at the twin slide. Even obliged for a wefie. ✌

"Mama, sai in!" She instructed and made me slide down together with her.

But erm I think you mean SLIDING? πŸ˜…

She said this is a car.

Checking blind spot now.

A little gor-gor came to the playground and kept trying to grab her attention by running around and playing peekaboo with her.

So she squatted down from her car to look at what he was doing.

Said little gor-gor.

I think he wanted to play with her but was too macho to say so.
So he kept running in front of her trying to catch her attention but alas she wasn't very interested.

But climbing up and down, yes please!

They did play on the see-saw together for a minute or so. And the boy was very gentlemanly! He was rocking the see-saw very gently, smiling at her while she chuckled in delight because she loved going up and down the see-saw.

I couldn't take pictures but it was lovely.

She's much stronger now and can climb up and down without my help.

Pattern more than badminton.

She saw the boy sliding down with his belly on the slide, and followed suit.

Quite skillfully, I must say.

The first time she performed that stunt, I was taken aback because I couldn't hold on to her, so I shouted,"Be careful!"

But she looked up and gave me a goofy grin instead.

This is a re-enactment because I obviously was too flustered to take a picture at that precise moment.

Nah, little spider girl. πŸ˜‚

She can now take on any kind of sai, I mean, slide, including the curved one. 😁

I love watching the way she runs.

After more than an hour at the playground..

Have to turn up the audio to hear her.

The first time I asked her, "Shall we go home?", she gave me a resounding "No!"

But I didn't manage to catch it on video.

She said No again when I asked her a second time, but she was much gentler.

In the end I had to carry her and walk away from the playground, much to her violent protest.

It was past 10am, she was clearly tired and in need of a shower, milk and a nap.

She was using her full force to get out of my arms and I nearly couldn't hold on to her! Only let her stand on her own after lift door closed.

She was so angry!

(But yeah I took a picture. #assholeparent πŸ˜…)

It's 11:12am now.
She fell asleep immediately after her shower and milk.✌


I just spent an hour trying to make a toddler sleep. 😩

After lunch, we played and read together for a good two hours.

And then it was 3pm. Time for milk and nap #2.
Nap #1 earlier lasted only an hour.

Usually she'd drink her milk and then doze off.

Well, not today.

Instead she sent us on a wild goose chase on where she wanted to sleep.

πŸ‘Ά: Mama! Room!

So I carried her up the bed.

πŸ‘Ά: Phone!

πŸ‘§: No phone for you!

πŸ‘Ά: Ah-Bert?

πŸ‘§: No tablet! You have to sleep first.

πŸ‘Ά: Down! (Gets off the bed)

πŸ‘§: You should sleep!

πŸ‘Ά: No.

πŸ‘§: I'll let you choose. Where do you want to sleep?

πŸ‘Ά: Paypen!

πŸ‘§: Playpen? Are you sure?

πŸ‘Ά: Is! Paypen.

πŸ‘§: Oookay. (Proceeds to set up her playpen for nap time, put πŸ‘Ά in said playpen)

πŸ‘Ά: Mama. (Stands up with hands out-stretched) 抱抱.

πŸ‘§: Why? You said you wanted to sleep in the playpen.

πŸ‘Ά: Noc beh nice.

(At this point we burst out laughing. Did she just say "not very nice"?! Wtf? πŸ˜‚)

πŸ‘§: (Controls laughter, carries her out of the playpen) Ok, I'll give you two options. You can sleep in your room or mommy's room. Where do you want to sleep?

πŸ‘Ά: Table. (Proceeds to climb up the coffee table)

πŸ‘§: (Faints)