0530am this morning. 😍

"Hold. HOLD!" She insisted on holding on to the phone.

Still a little grumpy but she hugged me (the phone) and gave me a flying goodbye kiss.

I went back to snooze for a bit after talking to her and the hubs.

The toilet in the hotel room is da bombz lah, warm seat with all the Japanese bidet washing stuff.

Great way to start the morning. 😅

View from the room.
A golf course!
Quite decent.

Jakarta traffic. 😥

This spring roll from the buffet breakfast is da bombz. 😁😂

My food weakness is very predictable.
Spring rolls, waffles, Korean chap chye, ikan bilis with chilli. 😂

Oh, and toast! Toast!

Keeping my spirits up because it's going to be a very long, >12 hour day ending (hopefully) at 10pm. 💪

Maybe it was a bad move to post the picture of the dabombz toilet feature.

I had a bad tummy the entire afternoon and now I'm feeling all sorts of unwell.
It's a miracle I managed to get through all the in home visits and debrief without throwing up.

Boohoo. Please let me get through this week.

Hope this peppermint tea helps.
Oh god.