Love you!

My FIL sent me this picture yesterday, while I was in the middle of an in-home visit trying not to faint.

Such a sweet picture. šŸ˜

Stepped out of my meeting to sneak in a quick Skype call with the little one and the hubs before she went to bed.

"Love you!" I said to her.

The hubs told her, "Say 'love you!' to Mommy!"

And she said to me, "Love you!" in her sweetest voice.

Totally made my day. šŸ˜

Finally got back to the hotel at 10pm JKT/11pm SGT.

I feel sorry for the agency folks who actually had to return to the office after our meeting, to do up the slides.

Early start tomorrow, full day workshop.

It's been 3 long and rough days, especially because of the stomach bug. I've been feeling queasy and ill everyday since Monday afternoon. Felt better today but still a little faint and queasy.
No appetite and ate like a bird. šŸ„

Ok that's a chick. šŸ˜‚

The hubs' down with gastric flu too and Clarissa still has a running nose.

All in all, I hope Friday comes soon!

And the hubs and bubs get to have fun at the Sports meet; while I get to go home!

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