Overheard her saying to the horse:

Walk. Want?

And then she put the horse's legs down onto the floor and dragged it to walk alongside with her. 😅


👦: Clarissa, are you a giraffe?

👶: (Very decisively) No.

Dinner with my family.

I told her this afternoon that we'd be going out for dinner tonight.

While getting her changed (into her giraffe jumpsuit):

👧: Who are we going to see tonight?

👶: See, Da-yi! See, Ah-ah!

👧: Who else are we going to see?

👶: See, Yi-yi! See, Ga-ga!

👧: Who else?

👶: See, Ah deh!

(Note: We don't know who that is. 😂
She refers to my sis #3 and #4 as Yi-yi. It used to be one Yi-yi and one Yi-ye hahaha. But now she decided to be fair? 😂

"Ga-ga" refers to Gor-gor, my sis' boyfriend. 😁
Not cockroach ok? 😂)

Finally she can now call my dad more accurately!
"Why-guem!" (外公)
And "Why-m" for my mom. Though sometimes she just says some random gibberish when I point to my mom's picture and ask her who she is. 😅

Hahahaha who is this!

She was so shy during the dinner, speaking very softly and lying on my shoulder half the time.

Only when we were driving out of the carpark did she suddenly exclaim, "Yi-yi! Byebye!"

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