Baba, hold! Mama, hold!

So hand in hand, we walked to the nearest mcdees for breakfast.

This little girl was attempting to roll off our bed this morning.

👦: Don't do that! You'll bump your head!
👶: Bump!
👦: Clarissa, are you a monkey? Yes or no?
👶: Is!


Not a giraffe, but a monkey.🙊😅

Camisole: Uniqlo
Monkey pants: Carters, gift from her San-yi
Hairdo: By Daddy ("I like her in ponytail," he says. Oookay.)
Hairclips: By Mommy (Because her hair is too short to hold up a proper ponytail.)

I was getting her changed this morning and she was angry about something.

So she scratched my hands with her fingers.

I gave her a warning.

👧: What did Mommy say? Can you scratch people?
👶: No.
👧: Then you cannot scratch Mommy, it's wrong.

She thought about it, looked guilty but I guessed she was still angry (or wanted to test my limits) so she reached out to scratch me again.

I told her off, "You know you shouldn't scratch people so why did you scratch mommy again?"

I took her little palm and smacked it lightly.

She cried.
And cried and cried for a good three minutes until I picked her up and gave her a hug.

Explained to her why I had to smack her and that the next time she's angry about something she should say it and not scratch people.

On our way home she suddenly remembered the earlier episode.

"Mama, hit!" She said and then smacked her own palm.

☝ is her demonstrating how she got smacked. 😂

The solution to the glaring sun.

Glaring no more!


We were watching the Olympics swimming finals for the women's 400m individual medley.

It was a pretty exciting race with the leading swimmer going 5 seconds faster than the world record.
At the last lap however she was just slightly ahead of the WR line.

👧 to 👦: Oh no oh no the world record line is so close!

👶: Oh nooooo!


At my in-laws'.

👦: Clarissa, call Ah gong!

👶: No!

👦: Clarissa, do you want the phone? Call Ah-gong!

👶: Ahgeumahgeumahgeum!

👨: 😒😒😒


On our way home.

👶: (Declared) Duct-duct HOLD!

👧: Your duck duck is at home.

👶: Ah-Bert HOLD?

👧: Sorry, the tablet is also at home.

👶: Phone?

👧: The phone is not here too!

👶: Mama?

👧: Yes, Mama is here. Do you want to hold my hand?

👶: No!


While our little boss took a nap, the hubs took my hand-carry suitcase out from the storeroom so we could pack for our staycation tomorrow.

We left it on our bedroom floor and thought nothing of it.

The little one woke up from her nap, had her dinner and then it was our turn to have dinner.

She kept coming over to me, resting her head on my lap while I tried to eat.

And then she took my hand and made me walk with her to the sofa to sit down while she continued to manja me, refusing to let me go back to the dining table.

"What's wrong, Clarissa?" I asked her.

"Ma'am, the luggage in your room." Our helper reminded me that Clarissa must have seen the luggage on our bedroom floor when she woke up from her nap and walked into our room.

Ah. Now we know. 😂

"Clarissa, the luggage is for us to put our clothes. Daddy's, mommy's and baby's clothes," I explained to her.

"We will go out together tomorow, Daddy, Mommy and you. Mommy is not going to work! Not going to the airport with the luggage."

She listened on and seemed to understand. She stopped insisting that I sit with her and played with our helper while I went back to the dining table to have my dinner.

Why is this so funny and sad at the same time.

She was in high spirits the entire night, helping to pack the luggage and zooming around the room, laughing. 😁

Bedtime came but she was too excited to sleep!

Wrestled her way out of her own room and found a spot on our bed. 😂

Hope we all get a good rest so we can play well tomorrow lol!

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