#DIAL Staycation at Rasa

1045: Off for brunch and staycation!

1300: Done with lunch!

Lunch was at Kith Cafe at Quayside Isle.

Obviously there were no pictures of food. I was busy trying to feed her porridge while the hubs played the human phone holder.

She was too distracted by the surroundings and the puppies around her to eat properly.
So we had to whip out the phone.

The last time we came here together, it was my birthday and the little one was still in my tummy.
We had a leisurely brunch then lol.

Happily exploring the area.

Loving the stairs at W Hotel, but that's not where we are going to stay.

1400: The room's not ready so we went to the kids' playroom to spend some time together.

I had to pay $3 for socks. 😬

Cautious baby was cautious until I told her, Hey it's ok! You can lie down if you want!

So she did..

So! Happy!

1500: Finally checked in!

Supposed to be a deluxe sea view but erm view a bit limited because we got the first room of the stretch.

They gave us this room instead of the one we were supposed to get, because this one's ready and we have a baby waiting to shower and take a nap.

She was reluctant to take a picture with us because she wanted to explore. 😅

She walked around the room touching everything.

And then nature called. 😂

She pooped.

Good timing! Because we were planning to give her a shower anyway.

Struggled through the shower (I was drenched because she clung onto me) and then she was all nice and clean and drinking milk and dozing off.


1640: The man's out exploring the resort while I'm Dayre-ing in the room with a sleeping child. 😁

1700: She was up so we joined Daddy by the pool.

1705: Intrigued by peacocks.

1730: We weren't planning to let her swim today, but how to not let her swim when we are already sitting by the pool?
She kept telling me she wants to go into the water. 😂

So I went back to the room to get changed and also get her swimsuit, and headed back to the pool to get her changed.

So here we are.

She loves the kids pool.
I think she is intrigued by how she can stand in the water with her head above it, and the frogs spitting and splashing water. 😁

Similarly she loves walking up and down the stairs into the pool. Once she reckons that the next step down would be too deep for her, she steps back up.

I was casually chatting to the hubs who was sitting by the poolside that we should get out of the pool soon.

She said no. 😅

Hello I wasn't even talking to you? 😂

When we were at the kids pool, there was a little girl who looked like she was 2.5 to 3 years old, swimming with her mum at the side.

Clarissa was minding her own business going near the projectile water splashes and laughing whenever she got splashed.

The little girl, who was in a corner, suddenly swam forward to block the water stream and redirected the splashes at Clarissa's face.

Clarissa walked away and took a step up, but the girl swam ahead and attempted to grab her ankle.

She missed, and tried to kick Clarissa instead.

I quickly picked Clarissa up and told the girl, "Please be careful."

Fortunately her mum came forward and redirected her elsewhere.

Whoa. Are some kids aggressive by nature? We weren't even intruding into her space or anything.

She was quite a pretty looking girl but I didn't think she was trying to be friendly with Clarissa because there wasn't any warmth in her eyes.

She looked like she was trying to bully Clarissa. 😒

Good thing Clarissa simply looked puzzled and waddled away. 😂

1930: At RWS waiting for our queue number at DTF to be called.

She pooped again. 😅

2000: Finally got a seat. This girl was busy pretending to eat from the empty bowl and totally wasn't interested in taking pictures.

Hahahaha still pretending to eat.

I think she was very hungry because it was way past her dinner time. #assholeparents

She didn't kick up a fuss because she was too busy running around.

2015: Real food came!

She had some soup and meat before the fried rice came.

2045: Done with dinner. She was intrigued by the candies and kept pointing my phone camera at them to take a picture. 😅

2130: Changed into her pj's and asked for milk.

2200: Lights out and sound asleep in five minutes. 😁


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