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The little one went back to school while we went back to work.

She was crying throughout the health check and sobbing a little as she walked into the classroom.

So I asked our helper if she was ok when she picked her up.

She said yes! The teacher told her that Clarissa did very well in school today.

She told me she thought the teacher was going to show her some drawing or work done by Clarissa.

But instead the teacher told her:

She ate a lot today.


Our helper couldn't stop laughing, because she didn't expect the performance to be about eating.

I told her, "Eating well is also an achievement ok." 😁😂

Absent minded me

It's been some 31 months of pregnancy and motherhood, 21 months since I gave birth.

My brains are still not functioning.

When we were in Sentosa, I kept waking up in the middle of the night because of the bathroom light and a nagging thought I had.

Did I keep the changing mat after I changed Clarissa's diaper?

When I got up in the morning, I checked the diaper bag and confirmed my worst suspicions.

I'd left the changing mat in the baby changing room at RWS.


Combination of the humidity, hunger and general exhaustion.

I should have kept it but I didn't.

There goes my jujube changing mat. 😭

And then while taking a shower tonight, I suddenly realised why I couldn't find all my nude seamless underwear.

I left them in Jakarta.



I thought about it briefly while packing for Sentosa but I dismissed it thinking they are probably still in the laundry basket.

Sigh. What is wrong with me! 😤

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