Celebrated a dear friend's daughter's first birthday today at the Daily Scoop!

She booked the place for 2 hours to have an intimate celebration with friends.

This one obviously couldn't resist the temptation. 😅

We made her drink a lot of water after that. Don't want her cough to come back!

She is so cautious with her ice cream.
She'd dab a little on her lips before really finishing what's on the spoon.
She looks like she's dissecting the flavors and textures but it's really just good vanilla ice cream.
I think she's just trying to get used to the temperature. 😂

"Eh what are you talking about, Mommy? This is the way to eat ice cream what."


"I'll just continue to eat my ice cream."

Drinking water together with the birthday girl.

After yet another emotional poop exercise I took her outside for her walk.

Once we stepped out she shook my hand away and said, "No." And proceeded to walk on her own.

So I squatted in between the two girls, casually chatting to my friend.
Birthday girl chuckled, walked towards me and gave me a hug!
Awww so sweet.

And the one who didn't want me to hold her hand earlier walked over and said, "Mama, hold." 😁😂

Anyway she was so tired she fell asleep in the car seat on our way home despite our best efforts to keep talking to her.

She continued sleeping even as I carried her out of the car and onto her mattress.

She was still sleeping even as we left for the airport. I gave her a peck on her cheek and she didn't even stir.

Early dinner lor.

Skype with the little boss after she's napped, eaten and showered.

I miss her already.

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