This little one slept at 9pm and woke up at 330am this morning with a 39.7Β°C fever.

She didn't want to sleep after taking her meds. Led me into the study room and insisted on looking at albums.

So we did, and we tried to sponge her while we were at it, much to her displeasure.

We also tried to put on a fever patch but she angrily declared, "Don't like! Don't want!"


Managed to bribe her into going back to her room after looking through all the albums.. with the tablet. 😬

She was highly irritable and bossy.

"Baba walk there!"
So Daddy went out of the room.

"Baba come back!"
So Daddy came back.

"Baba sit down!"

She cried when we tried to turn off the lights so Daddy negotiated with her. She was to keep her eyes closed if she wanted us to keep the lights on.

She kept her promise but protested whenever she sensed that the lights went off (we tried to, a few times).

So we kept the lights on while I hummed the bedtime song.

Our helper tried to take over but the boss opened her eyes and said, "Yaya walk there! Mama, pat pat."

So our helper went to lie down in the other corner of the room while I patted her to sleep.

Only turned off the lights after she was really sound asleep.

I went back to sleep at 5ish and the next thing I knew, she called Mama! from her room.


She was up and about.
Fever broke! ✌

Still her active, cheeky self so we decided not to take her to the doctor.

Good thing we both took leave today to take a break after taking a break. πŸ˜…

The hubs' clearing his leave and I planned for some me-time to get a hair cut and some color.

Spent time playing with her until she took a nap again at 10am.

I was planning to cancel my hair salon appointment but the hubs said I should go and even drove me over. 😍

So here I am.


Day 1, after a nap we brought her out to walk around the resort.

"Ming pool," she said and wanted to walk into the pool.

But it was nearly dinner time so we said no, we will swim tomorrow.

She pointed at the sea and said,"Ming pool!" too.. but she didn't like walking on the beach.

"Mama careyee. Mama walk," she said.

We had dinner at the bistro.

It was ok, until she stood up on the high chair, bent over with her hands on the table.. and pooped. πŸ˜‚

We went back to our room, washed up, went to bed and woke up with bed hair.

Day 2, breakfast.

She must be one of the few kids who don't like chocolate. Picked out only the cornflakes and rejected the chocolate krispies.

Drank water from the glass, just like an adult.

New swimsuit.

I asked her to smile and pose for a picture while she was trying to climb up the armchair.

So this was a combination of everything. πŸ˜‚

Basking in the sun(light) because she was so excited.

I think the mirror was her favourite thing about the room.

"Big hug!"



She would say to her reflection everyday.

Y for Yay!

Fries, please.

Intrigued by the gong when she heard it on Day 1. She kept trying to hit it to make a sound!

Magnum goodness.

She tried to make her duck duck sleep.

But ended up playing peekaboo instead.

Time for another swim!

She deliberately hid her face before..

She turned around and said Smile! for the camera.

Day 3, I'm too lazy to resize the picture. πŸ˜…

Pattern more than badminton, part 1.

Pattern more than badminton, part 2.

Big thank you to the hubs for the birthday treat!

I think our boss is the happiest of us all and I feel so happy seeing her having so much fun.

She's now at this funny stage where she's confused about "you" and "me".

She calls herself "you". πŸ˜‚

"Mama feed you!"
"Mama help you!"
"Baba take you to school!"
She'd say.

The hubs tried to correct her but she got frustrated about the yous and mes and referred herself as "Baby" instead. πŸ˜‚

I've tried telling her that the sea is not "ming pool" and she'd say it's "water".
So I built on and said, "Yes it's sea water!"

She'd get all excited and say, "Mama sea water! Baby sea water!" πŸ˜‚


She understands that the concept of "hot" beyond the hot soup or water. Whenever we step out into the sun, she'd frown and squint her eyes and say, "Hawt hawt. Baby hawt! Mama hawt! Baba hawt! Duck duck hawt!"

Erm duck duck is chilling in the room, my dear. πŸ˜‚

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