1442: Finally taking a breather.

I took urgent leave today to monitor Clarissa's fever and cold.

She was alright yesterday until evening, when her temperature crept up to 38.5°C.. and we decided to take her to the pediatrician.

Her temperature went up all the way to 39.9°C and she had to be on ibuprofen instead of paracetamol.

Woke up at 230am to give her another round of ibuprofen because the pd said it was critical to be consistent so we can keep the temperature down.

She's responding well to the meds so far. Her appetite is poor and she's been coughing, but she's otherwise fine.

The meds made her drowsy so she tripped and fell while I was keeping her toys.

She ran to me and hugged me.

👶: Mama hug you.
👧: Ok, what's wrong?
👶: Baby fall down.
👧: Oh dear, are you ok? Where did you fall?
👶: There (Points) Foor. See?
👧: You tripped and fell onto the floor?
👶: Foor nauti! See?

👧: (Tries not to laugh) Oh dear it's not the floor's fault. You need to be more careful. Who's fault is it?
👶: Baby. (Hugs me again)


We also had a legit poop conversation.

We were playing and she suddenly stood away from me.

👧: You want to poop?
👶: Potty. Mama take potty.
(Our helper ran to take the potty.)
👶: Baby sit. (Sits on the potty with pants on)
👧: Yes, baby sits on the potty to poop. Can you squeeze?

She made a hilarious squeeeeeeeze face, stood up and reversed her butt into my face.

👶: Mama check.
👧: (Peeps into her diaper) Ok Mama check. Is there anything?
👶: Nothing.

Yep, there was no poop but the fart was.. 🙊🙊🙊

She tried to squeeze again, standing.

👧: What did Daddy say you should do when pooping?
👶: Open your legs.
👧: Ok now can you open your legs?
👶: No. Close. Mama walk there.

So I walked out of her room.

👧: Ok Clarissa can you try to squat down?

From outside the door, I showed her how to squat down. She followed suit and made the squeeze face.

She stood up again when she caught our helper peeping.

👶: Yaya walk there! Mama walk there!

We evacuated. 😂

I checked back again after a minute.

She looked at me and smiled.

👶: Done!
👧: You pooped already?
👶: Mama check.

Sure enough, she pooped.
She looked so triumphant! 😂

👧: Clarissa, show me how you squeezed?

👶did this. ☝☝☝


As I lay her down on her bed to change her diaper, she waved her hands in front of her nose, smiled and said..


Hahahaha it was indeed very smelly. 😂

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