Hi there, we survived the week. 😂

After a fever-free Wednesday, her fever came back with a vengeance on Thursday morning, in the high 39s.

Despite being on 6-hourly ibuprofen, her fever always came back within 4-5 hours of the previous dose.

Skipped the last 2 sessions of the conference I was attending to get home earlier.

She is usually cooperative with her meds but nowadays we have to use a bit of force from time to time.

Started her on antibiotics as instructed by the PD.

The middle of the night medicine feeds were the worst.

It was impossible to slip milk or meds into her mouth like when she was a baby (she'd just drink while still sleeping) so every feed was at least a two hour effort which included lots of crying, lots of cajoling, some forcing and some tablet (which she can pronounce accurately now) time.

And then she'd refuse to let us turn off the lights and stubbornly try to sleep with all the lights on.

Sometimes she wouldn't even try to sleep and if I asked her to close her eyes for the twentieth time, she'd say:

Mama, walk there!

To be honest, I felt secretly relieved to be able to go back to my room to sprawl in bed for a few minutes before going back to check on her. 😂😂😂

The bright side of this is that she is still her cheeky and bossy self, despite a bit of lethargy and crankiness from time to time.

She's also very clear about what she wants or doesn't want.

"Don't want Yaya!" (When our helper tried to get her changed.)

"Don't like!" (When we tried to give her meds and she'd turn her head like she was watching a tennis match or swing her hand around like she was playing volleyball.)

"Don't need to wash!" (When Daddy took her favourite bowl to the kitchen for a wash, because she wanted to put her pieces of waffle in it.)

"Yaya, don't bathe!" (When she was looking for Yaya and I told her Yaya was bathing.)

Ok, mostly what she doesn't want. 😂

It's almost impossible to pretend not to understand her. 😂

She's still pooping ok, fingers crossed.

The other day, she sent us all away again and then came up to me looking triumphant.

👶: Done! (Reversed butt into my face) Mama, check.
👧: Ok.. (Peeped into the back of her diaper) Is there anything?
👶: Is. BIG!

Hahahaha I almost died laughing.
It was really quite a big piece of shit.
Nice. 😁😂


Her appetite is bad so we've been buying waffles 3 nights in a row now, and last night, the hubs deliberately walked to the mall after dinner, just to get her favourite pandan cake.

We don't really mind what she eats, as long as she eats. There's milk in waffles and cakes right? 😂

Bossing us around since 2014.

We finally gave her a shower today after not bathing her for the past few days.🙊

My dear friends have helped us get a queue number at her regular PD so we are going to take her to the doctor again later.

Her fever seems to be under control now but from time to time, she still has a low grade fever.

Today's the third and last day she's supposed to take the antibiotics.

We don't want to risk having to scramble to look for a clinic/doctor tomorrow, in case the antibiotics don't work.

Better to have a peace of mind!

She took a 3-hour nap after seeing the doctor, but woke up grumpy/moody.

She walked out of her room, hugged me, went to her tent and refused to get up to change. 😬

So I left the room after asking her to think about it but secretly watched the cctv from our room and asked the hubs to check on her.

Probably because she said "No go home" as our car pulled into the carpark, but we went home anyway. 😂

Her PD said she's recovering but gave her meds to clear her phlegm. She said we don't have to wake up for the middle of the night dose; rest is more important for her so hurray for us. 😁

But aiyo she was cranky through dinner and had a showdown with us because she wanted the tablet but didn't want to eat her porridge.

So hard to negotiate with her because she refused to back down and simply kept crying.

At one point, the hubs literally threw the tablet into the bin. 🙈🙊

Yet after she finished her "dinner" (which was a pandan cake fml), she suddenly switched modes. She willingly returned the tablet and evaluated her own behavior.. "Baby nauti! Baba scold!" 😂😂😂

And then she was in a much more agreeable mood for the rest of the evening.

She had a nice Skype session with my sisters and mom.

Shy at first, warmed up quickly and willingly smiled for a Skypie. 😁
Plus, kisses for everyone.

But she got tired towards the end and told me, "Mama, say bye bye!" 😂