Daddy pick-up today because he's on leave.

She looks like she's had an awesome day in school! 😁

Although we had a tough time getting her out of the house.

At first she was trying to poop.
And then she didn't want to poop.
We said, let's go to school!
She said, don't want!
Helper gave her her baby duck soft toy to bring to school, she said, No bring duck! Hold towel!

So we let her hold onto the towel.

We finally got to the car but as I was buckling her up, she said, SLEEP!

So I told her, ok you sleep. I'll wake you up when we reach school. 😂 #assholeparent

She started wailing when we reached the school entrance.
She usually cries because she's unfamiliar with the teachers on duty doing the health checks but 2 weeks ago, her English teacher was on duty and drop-off was a very peaceful event. 😅

This morning her English teacher and assistant teacher were both on duty, but she was crying nonstop and declaring, "MAMA! NO! DON'T WANT!"

She was clinging onto me for her dear life.

Of course, after more than a week of missing school.

She walked into her classroom with her assistant teacher (she refused to he carried).

Teacher W: I hold your hand.
👶: No!

Everything happened while she was still holding on to her security towel.
She stopped crying once she got her security water bottle. 😂

In other news, I'm very sleepy today.

Spurred on by the hub's comment that it'd take me another year to complete the photobook (lol he knows me too well), I continued working on it after our boss went to bed last night.

I'm now at page 30! ✌

I can't wait to finish it and get it printed. 😁

Met the small one and the big one at the playground on my way back.

Attacking the waffle I bought for her, with gusto (and cheekiness in general).

Her appetite is coming back slowly, but surely. 😁

She said a few things which surprised us this evening.

When we got home from the playground, I asked her to put her towel away.

👶: No. Leave it there!

She said to me, and placed the towel firmly on the couch.

Play time, she walked around the tent and counted from one to 10 without missing a single number.
She can already count since a while back, but she's always skipping the number five.

Before bed time, she sat on her mattress and declared:

Duck duck, where are you?

And then pretended to look around before finding her ducks.

She took the baby duck and mumbled to herself / the duck, "Don't like baby duck."
And proceeded to chuck it aside. 😂

We pretended that the baby duck was crying and she grudgingly took it back. 😂😂

She rapped (hahaha yes, rap. Not sing) Humpty Dumpty very rapidly before getting off the bed, deliberately making me catch her fall.

👶: Catch Mama!

She said.


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