"Why am I in school on a Saturday morning?"

Parents-teachers meeting

Clarissa’s teachers said that overall, she is doing well. It's taken some time, but she's warmed up to them.

Socially she is able to play in a group, but not actually playing WITH someone – which is something they'll do only when they are older.

She takes time to warm up to people and things, and sometimes watches from the sidelines before she decides if she wants to join in the activities.

She understands instructions in both languages, knows who her friends are, and follows through routines.

She knows someone would pick her up after lunch and diaper change, so nowadays she'd go into her classroom and sit at the table waiting while her friends continue with other activities.

She's now learned to wait patiently for a teacher to take her out of the classroom when she hears her name over the PA system.

She used to get angsty and start crying whenever she hears her name.

Her teachers say her development is remarkable, especially since she only goes for half days and has missed school whenever she's sick.

They reckon she'd develop even faster if she goes full day.

They are surprised by her recent progress in school, that she can do all her tasks and art work she's asked to do. We said we are also surprised by her progress at home, especially in terms of her speech. 😁

She participates in class activities too. Sometimes she joins her class in chorus and whenever her teacher calls her name to answer questions, she does so without fail.

While she is reserved, she expresses herself clearly when she wants or does not want to do something.

She cannot be coerced into joining activities or doing things she's not comfortable with.

Her teachers have picked up on that, and always give her time and space to observe before she decides to join in.

She's now willing to pass her security water bottle / duck to her teachers for safekeeping.

Her teachers prepared a 6-page report in English and Chinese, which gave us a clear understanding of what she's been able to do in school:

My learning journey

Psychosocial Self

.. She waits patiently for her turn.

One of my worries is how impatient and quick tempered she can be.

To counter that, I try to sound and behave as calmly as I can whenever she acts up.

I'm glad that she knows how to share and takes turns when she's with her friends.

This is one of the main reasons why we want her to experience play-school.
At home, the adults simply give in to her.

So it's good to know that she's learning to share and wait. 😁

Physical self

It is observed that she is very focused during meal times.


Sounds just like her Daddy.

When we first started dating, I always wondered why we were so quiet during meal times. I wasn't chatty to start with, but we shouldn't be this quiet. Were we running out of things to say to each other?

Finally, one day, the hubs explained.

"I'm just concentrating on my food."


Thinking and communicating self

…Clarissa would occasionally take a book from the library corner and sit down to browse independently.

She used to simply walk away while I was in the middle of reading her a book. πŸ˜…

I'm glad she's developing some interest now. I used to read a lot when I was a kid!

We've always known that she likes singing and dancing and I'm glad she's demonstrating it despite her shyness around people she's less familiar with.

After the meeting, we went out for breakfast, followed by going to Singtel to get myself a new phone and a new service provider.

I have been frustrated by my current phone (mostly lack of memory space – so it's not really the phone's problem but mine) and current service provider's crappy coverage.

The hubs had to entertain the bubs while I got my stuff sorted.

She kept wanting to "drive car", fortunately without the music/movement. πŸ˜‚

When the hubs brought her back to the shop, she saw me queuing up to pay and immediately said to us, "No go home!" πŸ˜‚

Erm we were already out for three hours?

As usual, she took her time to smell the flowers as we walked home.

I like her #ootd today!

She rejected the top our helper picked and accepted this one when I offered an alternative.

She also refused to sit up properly to let me tie her hair. Instead she was turning her head and resting her cheeks on my lap.

That's why her pigtails were sticking out. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Whatever makes you happy. 😝

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