Research today was at a wholesaler store.

Got up at 530am to travel here!

I swear I spent a good 10 minutes just staring at how the delivery men load boxes after boxes of goods on their bikes, all the special knots and balancing skills.

And how the women carried huge loads of goods on their backs.

Interviews were conducted at a small local warung stall.

Indonesian version of economical rice.

It was hot, humid and dusty.. but the stall owner smiled at me whenever l caught her looking at us, intrigued by whatever we were doing.

I smiled back.

The day ended earlier than planned.

I need a good soak and a good meal, and some painkillers.

All I had for the day was a small slice of fruit cake, coke and 2 pieces of sausages.

The humidity in spite of the rain on top of lack of sleep gave me a massive headache.

This palm sized bottle of coke costs 40 cents!

Life saviour (the coke not the cost) for the day.

There, my first Dayre post in a bathtub. 🙈

First meal for the day.

Daddy enjoys bonding with baby; Baby enjoys the new biscuits I bought for her (hence drinking water). 😁

The hubs says she's very cute; she'd take a biscuit and then park herself in between his legs to eat the biscuit.

So endearing. 😍

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