Disturbing the neighbourhood cat early in the morning.

She always looks out for the cat.

"Cat cat hiding!" She'd say if the cat is nowhere in sight.

But when she spots the cat she'd run towards it enthusiastically, waving at it and greeting it excitedly, "Hello, cat cat. HELLO!"

The cat would usually ignore her and close its eyes. 😂

"Cat cat sleeping," She'd say.

"Come and touch the cat," Daddy would say.

"Don't want. 怕怕." would be her usual response.

In the meantime, Mama watches them from at least three metres away because she's terrified of cats and anything furry in general. 🙈🙊

"No help you," says the girl who wants to walk down the flight of stairs on her own.

Done getting breakfast!

It's a lazy stay-home Saturday.

Someone's getting her 10 minutes' screen time.

We'd be going out for dinner tonight to celebrate my FIL's birthday.

She was flipping through the pages of the photo book, looking for a particular page.

Where's eh-bee?

She asked.

She asked again. And again. About five times.

I couldn't understand what she was referring to but the hubs figured it out and flipped to this ☝ page.

And he got it right.

She was looking for the picture of "Everybody". 😂😂

She insisted on bringing Singa out for dinner. 😅

I would take a ride from her anytime. 😁

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