23 months!

I asked her to smile for the camera.. and she did. Without looking at the camera. 😂

Daddy's in Taiwan for a short getaway before he starts his new job.

He left for the airport last night after the little boss fell asleep.

I was so tired yesterday (actually, everyday) but I couldn't fall asleep!

Anyway we had a quick Skype before I dropped the little one off at school.

Looking all pensive. 😂

Despite her saying yes she will wear her school uniform today, she refused to let our helper put on her uniform.

It's funny, though, because I realised she refers to "school" as "Tat N" (her Teacher N).

"No wear Tat N!" She cried this morning.

I kept taking t-shirts out of her drawer until she said "bird bird!" very excitedly to this flamingo one that my sister bought for her.

Activity this week: Walking down the stairs with her classmates.

She looked so serious!

Stacking fun.

I'm posting this picture because of her dimple. 😅

Matchy matchy with cute classmate.

New way of playing with the flash cards: Ask Mama to look for Ice cream and Yoghurt.

When we were looking for the two cards, she saw the ☂ card.

Instead of saying "umbrella" she sang, rain rain go away.

Pretending to eat her Ice cream and Yoghurt.

"Want eat ice cream," She said.

"Want eat yoghurt!"

And then she tried to tell me something about "only" ice cream and yoghurt. 😅

Think she was trying to say she can only eat one? Before I started recording she was talking about phlegm. 😂

Just realised that today's the end of the month, which means..

Happy 23 months young baby. 😘

Turning 2 in a month's time!