Little boss is angry

My little boss is upset with me.

I had a long day at work today, which finished with a dinner with the global head.

The hubs was supposed to be back at 8ish but his flight was delayed, so he'd reach Singapore around 11pm instead.

I called home to check on the little one and found that she'd taken an epic 5 hour nap after she got back from school. (See lah, don't want to nap yesterday. 😐)

That meant that that she wouldn't be sleeping anytime before 930pm.

I was planning to leave around 830pm regardless of the progress of the dinner but now I have some flexibility.

Dinner ended at 915pm (we were late to start and serving was slow) and I got home at 940pm.

She was playing in her cot, not particularly angry or upset.
My dad was here but she was reluctant to play with him.

I explained to her that Daddy's flight was delayed and Mommy had a work dinner so I was sorry for being late tonight.

She didn't react to what I said.. Until milk and bedtime, she said to me, very calmly:

Mama walk. Don't want Mama pat pat.


Now I'm not sure if she was angry with me for telling her off (gently) that she should have said bye bye to wai-gong properly, or that she was upset that I got home late.

I think it was both.

She usually gets quite chummy with my dad so I'm wondering if this whole act of defiance is because she's upset with me.

But aiyo. This is a new level of "angry", because it was the quiet and not-a-tantrum kind of anger.

It's like she's telling me, I'm upset so please talk to me later.

I kissed her good night anyway and promised I'd be back earlier tomorrow.

And then I left her room.

I hope I'm in her good books again tomorrow. 😂