Ended the run with "Fight song" on my play list.


Sometimes I prefer running on the treadmill because the pace is controlled.

When I run on the actual track, my pace is dictated by whatever is playing on my mp3 player. 😅

Really not pro. 😂

What motivates you?

It's a question I ask myself from time to time.
It's something I try to observe about my reportees.
It's the most frequently asked question by the candidates I have been interviewing recently (besides other strange questions).

Sometimes I know, sometimes I forget.

I'm not the ambitious sort, at least I think I'm not.
I'm competitive, in the sense that I want to do my best, but I'm not the sort who'd tell the GM that my career goal is to be promoted.

Not because I'm shy to say it, but because it's not my goal.

What is my goal then?

Not having a specific target or timeline makes it hard to explain.

To be honest I don't know either.

I think it's about doing meaningful work and making meaningful impact.

It's about standing for something and being known for it.

Practically speaking, of course it's also about making enough money to enjoy simple luxuries like, erm, taking a cab or getting stuff for the family.

Yet it's not so tangible when there is no title or date involved.

My light bulb moment occurred this morning, in the middle of a review meeting.

I sat in purely to listen to the conversation and learn, and perhaps find ways to help.

As I idly turned to look at the GM, I saw him looking at a handout and referring to it as he made comments on the current presentation.

It was a summary I'd written coming out of the consumer work I've done.

Suddenly my day felt better.

It's not going to be an award winning summary and I'm not going to get promoted because of it.

But it is the GM's go-to reference for insights on the consumer.

That's cool and that's enough.

It reminded me of the other moments in my career when I felt the proudest.

Launching an entirely new category.
Changing the segmentation.
Developing data training toolkits.
Enabling a customer sell.
GM refers to analysis as a checklist for all future initiatives.

It's a nice and timely reminder.

Sometimes I struggle.
Sometimes I stumble.

Sometimes I look back at a quarter thinking in horror, oh God have I achieved nothing?

I need to work for these little moments more often, and remind myself more often, what keeps me going.

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