The situation this morning: Trying to do a split.

The truth is, she had to skip school today because of constipation.

She cried and cried but could not get the shit out. We could not get her put of the house. In fact we could not get her to do anything.

She's been having a slight running nose since two days ago and all the crying aggravated the mucus situation.

So we decided, no school today.

Back to her cheeky self after the hubs got home.

And finally pooped. 😥


Heading there for a business trip next week.

We were originally contemplating a family trip following it, but the hubs is starting on a new job so we have to ditch the idea.

So I was actually quite sian about it, because of the long flight and everything else.

I've sorted out the flights and schedule and I know I have a few hours of free time next Friday between the end of the conference and my flight back to Singapore.

That means..


But even that failed to excite me because what fun is shopping when you need to worry about how to get there?

What fun is shopping when my king-of-train-maps hubs cannot join me and show me the way?

So I did nothing. I didn't bother to remember the name of the hotel I was going to stay at. I think the hubs asked me a few times but I simply didn't get round to checking.
Too busy, too sian. 😂

Yet, progressively the good news came.

Firstly my friend gave me a contact to arrange for airport transfer.

That means I don't have to navigate the tube and whatnot to get to the hotel and the airport.

I must add, however, that the hubs gave a look of disapproval when I told him about this. 😂
Because tubes and trains are the way to go.

I had to confirm the pickup schedules so I went on Google maps to confirm the distance between the airport and hotel.

And since I was at it, I decided to check the distance between the hotel and Oxford Street.

To make the journey worthwhile, I thought I should at least go to primark and get stuff for the little boss right?

And then I discovered that the hotel is right next to Oxford Street and Primark is two minutes away.


Now I'm a little excited.

Texted the hubs and told him about the two minutes distance.
He said ok that's good but please don't turn it into a twenty minutes walk. 😂

It's a very fair concern, because that's how bad my sense of direction is.

So it is very daunting to think about navigating tubes and streets and anything to do with directions.

Now I think I can start at Oxford Street, walk my way down and take extra effort to remember the landmarks so I can make my way back to the hotel. 😂