The cat and the dog.

(Coincidentally it is raining cats and dogs outside. πŸ˜‚)

Happy Children's Day!

There is a party in school today and the theme is animals.

I chose this dress my sister #4 and her boyfriend bought for her, and the little boss approves!

In fact she was parading in it last night when I tried it on her and for the first time in weeks I did not hear her protesting our choice of outfit.

I think I've hyped her up for today (I kept telling her there is a party and there would be a lot of animals. πŸ˜…) because drop-off was a breeze. 😁

Oh but she did reject something.
Choice of shoes.

Ditched her usual loafers and went for this pair lol. πŸ˜…

Pulling up her dress to show me the cat. πŸ±πŸ˜„


I've been spoilt this week by the hubs who has been driving me to work every morning. 😁

He starts his new job on Monday and I'm looking forward to spending quality time with him and the bubs during the weekend.

It's his birthday tomorrow!

No surprises for him as to where we are going.

I used to be able to spring surprises on him, like telling him we were going to the Underwater world in Sentosa but finally directing him to Amara Sanctuary because I'd planned a staycation.

That's because it was easy to pack and easy to sneak.

It's tougher now with the little boss because she's the boss. And I'm not sure how to pack diapers and wipes and milk powder without anyone noticing. πŸ˜…

So yeah the plan for tomorrow is to have brunch and a staycation.

And the one who's going to be most pleasantly surprised would be the bubs. πŸ˜…πŸ˜

I just hope they'd both be happy lah.

Making the ridiculous look cute since 2014. 😁

Cat with elephant ears = Nice.

I think she had fun today!

Her Teachers dressed up in animal suits ftl. πŸ˜…

Children's day present from her teachers!

Power of agility and appropriate use of mass and social media. πŸ˜‰
On point, on time, on equity.

Good job NestlΓ©.

Go for it Nathan!

And aww Milo vans are so nostalgic and so close to heart. I love Milo!

Why would 81 professional judges result in a final voting score of 45 vs. 47?

Granted, with audience votes, Nathan would still lose because Jiang won by a lot.

But still, the math, the math.

Granted, they both sang equally badly in the last round.

But still, the math, the math.