Breakfast in bed, literally.

Our day started at 530am, when the little boss woke up and asked for milk.

She went back to sleep after a while, and our day restarted at 845am. 😁

Our waffle, and a little hand attacking it with a spoon.

Daddy also has bed hair. 😅

It rained heavily in the morning so no swimming because it'd be too cold.

But the little one kept asking me about the swimming pool.

So we improvised and filled the bathtub with warm water.

It's actually her first bathtub experience!
She kept checking out her reflection as she splashed and kicked in the water.

She didn't want to get out. 😅

Check out time!

We'll be back!

Basking in the attention of her da-yi and ah-ah.

She spent a good half an hour playing with da-yi, while the hubs and I sat on the sofa watching TV. #assholeparents 😅

It took me such a long time trying to get her to nap earlier! She tried chasing me out of the room and I refused. I dozed off on her mattress and woke up to find her asleep while my neck and back had gone stiff. 😂

So happy lah. 😁

When it was time for milk and bed, she took her bottle and lay down in bed as my sisters came in to say goodbye.

She said to me, "Want say goodbye", passed her untouched bottle of milk to me and got up from her mattress.

She walked out to the living room with my sisters and said goodbye to them and my dad, complete with flying kisses and high fives.

Once they were out the door, she walked back to her room smiling happily.

"Baby say goodbye," She said to me before lying down on the mattress.

I'm so proud of her!

It might seem like a small thing but because of her shy and stubborn nature, it's sometimes hard to get her to say a simple hello or goodbye.
I'm OK for her not to be affectionate with people but I want her to be polite.

So for her to voluntarily say she wants to say goodbye means a lot to me.

I told her she did great and I'm so proud of her. 😁


One evening, while watching TV.

I don't remember the scene anymore, but we didn't catch the earlier part so the later part was unclear to us.

👶: What happened?


I was too surprised to remember what I said to her.

Last night while preparing her for bed, I sneezed and was fishing for a "bless you!" she usually says to herself after she sneezes.

👧👦: Mummy just sneezed. What must you say?

👶: Happy birthday!


Still in celebration mode.

Today, while waiting for Daddy in the car.

👧: Clarissa, do you know your birthday is coming soon?
👶: Happy birthday!
👧: What do you want to do on your birthday?
👶: Eat.
👧: Oh, what do you want to eat?
👶: Want eat cake. (Pauses to consider) Eat waffle.
👧: Where do you want to go on your birthday?
👶: Playground.


Sometimes kids say the simplest truth, that happiness can be so simple.